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Why Choose Cad2Parts?

Double Extruder

Using two extruders, mFact can print complex 3D models with support sections seamlessly. The 45 degree angle on the 3D printer head prevents it from crushing into the parts while printing.

Automatic Calibration

The calibration on mFact is done automactically by cameras and sensors which allows you to print more accurately with less hassle.

PFact Software

Using pFact software, you can control the printer wirelessly, start and stop printing; monitor the printing process from your desk using livefeed and create your own parameters to achieve a more accurate print.

Wide Range of Filaments

Choosing the right material is crucial for printing an ideal 3D model. MFact supports a variety of different filaments which gives you freedom to print from a wide range of different materials.

Ambient temperature

The heat distribution and temperature controls regarding the building chamber allows you to comfortably printlarge models with 100% filling without any dissociation between layers.

Touch Screen

The 7” LED touch screen on the printer allows you to fully control the various properties of your print.

Cad2Parts Provides Freedom of Design


3D Printing is aninnovative technology that allows you to turn a digital design into a 3D printer model. Even though the initial purpose of such technology is to produce prototypes faster at a lower cost, 3D printer parts can also be used as the end product in many industries.Nowadays, 3D printers offer incredible results, allowing you to manufacture nearly anything you can imagine. Discover the endless possibilities of 3D printing technology with Cad2Parts. We bring to the fore numerous designs and designers with 3D printing. With such technology you can produce spesific and complex models fast and at a low cost.

 Full control for 3D printing

3D printer, the compatible software and materials


MFact packs every feature necessary for 3D printing

From prototypes to end products, mFact 3D printer is ideal to provide the high quality results you’re looking for.

Design, Manage and Print.

With pFact software you can prepare in detail and print your model from CAD with only one click using network connection.

Perfection on every print

with the wide range of materials you can obtain the exact product you want.  You can print the model you want with ModelYap 3D printing technologies

Our 3D printed models