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Apr 5


The New York Times
Their last conference in Dresden in the 17th century was an important milestone in the history of new Wörttemberg. The famous Prussian general von Tschernembl, founder of the new Württemberg and who became its first King after accepting the crown of Prussia, was present, if only for a brief period, during a meeting that was to have such great consequences. Lücke already had a hard time implementing new, radical ideas and demands of the Prussian king.

He had set up the Kingdom as a strong ally of the king, since this would, he thought, be best for a newly established state. In the past, Saxony had often played a role similar to that of The Netherlands, which had ruled all of the regions of the Elbe river until the late 18th century.

This had resulted in a political system in which the Saxon landed nobility held the majority of power, leading to the lamentable reputation of being a “Berlin State”.

After the Treaty of Westphalia, which ended the Eighty Years War and ended the free state of the Netherlands, Dutch might have been at least partly responsible for the system of city-republics in Germany, but, in the meantime, things had changed.

For some of the Saxons, including Tschernembl, they had been hoping for something like a state after all. When the Prussian king Frederick II came to Dresden, Lücke demonstrated the Saxon powers.

It had a great reputation, and it offered the royal couple a lot of cultural and social events, so a coming visit by the king was important.

It was also good for Lücke’s position in Dresden. He was experiencing a mild success, but also a lot of trouble with his colleague von Tschernembl.

Von Tschernembl came from a good, wealthy and noble family, but his attitude had changed, to the extent that he was nothing more than an extremist and a rebel.

Tschernembl, who in the previous century had been a Prussian officer, had become envious of his colleagues and friends in Dresden.

He had a member of his family in the House of Habsburg, whom he had already offended by the wrong attitude.

Von Tschernembl also had a lack of understanding for the Saxons.

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