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A chilling tale from the first person perspective where the player, Elif, is in control of her fate. Starting out as an ordinary girl at the end of her first college year, Elif’s path of events is set to change dramatically. Our young protagonist will not only be pulled into a world where nothing is clear cut or black and white, but will be confronted with decisions and choices that will change her life forever. Will you choose to live or to die? Will you remain true to your beliefs or lose yourself in the customs of your family? Will you lose your home, your dreams and your life? As a free-thinking young girl, will you be able to escape the bonds of your family and make your way in the world, or will your fate be decided by your family and country?

Real immersive first person perspective, 360 degrees rotating, no speed limits, no boundaries.

Over a year of story building, rich characters, and strong cinematography.

No loading screen

An engaging, thought provoking tale set in modern Turkey where the path of life and death is decided by the decisions the young protagonist will make.

No time constraints and no area boundaries

A wealth of events, decisions, and characters for you to interact with.

The story unfolds as the player experiences it.

The multiple endings are based on the decisions you make.

Choose and live or die, you have to decide which path to take.

Play this game now and experience the epic saga of Elif and her family.

True X-Ray light, no back projection and no atmospheric lighting, transparent shadows and real reflections.

Photo mode, awesome photo simulations

No loading screens

You can save your game, go back, edit events, etc.

No time limit. There are no cut-scenes, no loading screens, no speed limits.

Seamless Gameplay. The game flows from event to event, and no one complains about it, because it was designed that way.

High Quality Cinematic, anime-style character animations

Artistic background music, dialogues, and sound effects.

Completely customizable controls.

Simple, clear and easy to use interface.

Pen and Touch Support.

High resolution graphics, high texture quality with bitmap and vector quality.

360 degrees rotation.

An alternative timeline, in which our young protagonist may go on to become successful


Features Key:

  • Ability to add levels and content, saving lots of time to get

  • A clean and modern interface to give a fresh appearance to the

  • Provides a ready made framework to build upon
  • Improvements from the
    original game: speed up game play, improved UI and better graphics

  • Key features:
  • Arrows and shooting
  • Damage
  • Health
  • Injury
  • Bullet speeds
  • Explosion speed
  • X scrolling
  • Y scrolling
  • Paddles
  • Passes
  • Eggs
  • Mushrooms
  • Title names
  • Remaining total number of lives
  • Free/in points
  • Path
  • Leaf
  • Block
  • Shot
  • Brick
  • Found in treasure chest
  • Discovered
  • Achievements
  • Grenades
  • Pistol
  • Rail pistol
  • Machine gun
  • Shotgun
  • Flame/Fire
  • Animated left/right drag
  • Wall interact
  • Pick up weapon
  • Closed


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    User reviews:

    Mostly Positive
    (3 reviews)

    Overall a decent game

    4 out of 5

    June 7, 2016

    A good time-pass game. Unfortunately, there is no next chapter after chapter 4.

    – It is a really good game
    – The visuals are really good
    – The music is good
    – It has a really good atmosphere
    – It has a good storyline
    – It is free to play

    – You cannot continue after chapter 4
    – At the start, you won’t know what is going on
    – It may confuse you

    No Matter How I Look At It, I Like This Game

    4 out of 5

    November 23, 2015

    This is a story of Elif, an ordinary Turkish girl, who just moved back home after college graduation. Now it is time to get married. Luckily, her family saved her from the hassle of finding a husband. What would you do if you were in her shoes? Open-up your mind and experience the ups and downs of the traditions.
    The developer, Color Haven, did a good job designing this game. It has a very nice and smooth presentation. The graphics are really nice and clear, but the game engine, too, is very impressive. The game controls are simple and easy to understand. The music and the sound effects are also well designed and you cannot hear anything out of place. The characters and the background are just right. In short, this game is really really good.

    – There is a really good storyline
    – The game is good to play
    – It has some really good graphics and animation
    – The characters are all well designed
    – The setting is really convincing
    – There is a good background
    – It has a good atmosphere

    – There is not much content in the game
    – There are only five chapters in the game
    – It may confuse you sometimes
    – You cannot continue after chapter 4


    3 out of 5

    June 24, 2016

    When I started playing this game, I just thought it was a simulation. I played it for a few days, and I thought this game was great. The setting and the story were really cool. Then, I came to the real situation that I started playing this game and after Chapter


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