Avatar Extended 1080p English Subtitle

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Avatar Extended 1080p English Subtitle

the blu-ray edition includes a newly-created extended-cut version of the film, which extends the film by around 10 minutes. apparently, there is a different extended-cut version that was shown in theaters, which included some additional extended footage. this isn’t the only extended version of the film; there are other versions of the film which run even longer.

the extended cut is presented in 3d on blu-ray and blu-ray 3d. avatar features not only a 3d conversion of the film, but also a dts-hd master audio 7.1 surround sound mix. avatar also includes a dolby truehd 7.1 audio track. none of the audio tracks are dialogue-only tracks, so they’re all in surround for the most immersive experience. another nice feature of avatar’s blu-ray 3d and blu-ray is the ability to play the blu-ray disc in 3d without a 3d television.

the film’s blu-ray release includes two new features: “the creator of pandora” and “the power of the avatar.” “the creator of pandora” is a 3-part featurette that examines the making of avatar and how james cameron created the world of pandora. part one examines the film’s creation and contains interviews with james cameron, oscar-nominated cinematographer robert stromberg, modelmaker and puppeteer sandy powell, and the film’s costume designer michael kaplan, among others. part two delves into cameron’s process of creating the world of pandora, examining the research he did, the art he commissioned, and the team he assembled to make the film. the final part of the featurette discusses the production design of pandora and features on-location footage and interviews with the film’s production designer dante ferretti. “the power of the avatar” is a short featurette that discusses avatar’s effects and visual effects and examines cameron’s process of creating the imagery of pandora. cameron discusses the difference between creating the film’s imagery on-set versus creating it in the computer. he elaborates on the visual effects processes and the techniques used to create the world of pandora.

the film’s blu-ray release includes two new features: “the best of the blu-ray 3d,” which contains an extended 3d version of the film and “the world of avatar,” which is a 3d experience with a tour of pandora. “the best of the blu-ray 3d” includes an extended 3d version of the film and includes an all-new, behind-the-scenes featurette called “the best of the blu-ray 3d.” the featurette focuses on the technology that went into creating the 3d effect, the process of creating the film’s stereoscopic photography, the techniques used to create the film’s 3d imagery, and interviews with oscar-nominated cinematographer robert stromberg, oscar-winning visual effects supervisor andrew r. jones, and oscar-winning visual effects supervisor daniele bressani. the featurette also includes a gallery of the production design of pandora. “the world of avatar” is a 3d exploration of pandora that includes three new, behind-the-scenes featurettes: “the story of avatar,” “capturing pandora,” and “inside pandora. all three discs have excellent video and audio, but the third disc is the best. it comes with a digital copy of the movie, a trailer for the upcoming 3d release, and deleted scenes. the 3d is pretty good, and it’s nice to be able to see the pandoran landscape in even more detail. the disc even has a way to compare the two releases. the 2d scenes are in black and white, and the 3d ones are in color. as far as extras, i’m still waiting for the 3d disc to have its first featurette. i’m sure it will be a blast, but i want to see what cameron has to say about it. so far, all that i’ve seen is that it’s getting similar production design to ‘avatar’. there’s a lot of footage of the movie’s pipeline, but i’m hoping that they’ll add more on the sets and some behind the scenes stuff. i don’t think that this should be the only disc that has deleted scenes, but the other two discs should have a bunch as well. 5ec8ef588b