Infested Earth, ravaged by the hostile alien invasion and defended by a small army of space mercenaries…
Will you be able to save humanity in these hostile conditions?
Azulgar is a procedurally generated open world space sandbox survival game, inspired by legendary game Freelancer.
By buying an open alpha, you will support us in the development of the new game features such as mining minerals from planets and asteroids, new weapons and hopefully soon even the whole game!
But even now the game has a lot to offer, players can customise their own spaceships, exploring the vast universe of Azulgar and compete or cooperate with other players thanks to optional multiplayer.
Exploring – A new concept for space games: discover new galaxies, discover planets and meet new lifeforms.
Building – The System allows you to create your own custom dedicated server.
Mining – You will be able to explore alien planet, find minerals, then build ships or even a base to transport your cargo.
Survival – In a hostile universe you must defend yourself from the alien infestation.
Space Sandbox – A massive sandbox to explore, with no limits to your creativity.
Singleplayer – Play the story mode with AI companions, or you can choose to explore the massive Sandbox alone.
Multiplayer – You can play in the Sandbox with up to 4 players with the ability to open doors and destroy your enemies. In addition you have the choice to play in Dedicated Server Mode and be able to make a bigger map for more players.
Azulgar is a project created by a group of people that have various talents, vision and knowledge. This way we are able to create the best game we ever wanted.
We have seen what the big video games companies couldn´t bring to us. And we finally decided to create something of our own, which is Azulgar.
We just hope you will feel the same way when you read this.

A Mesa look at the new graphics engine for Freelancer 2.
A Mesa look at the new graphics engine for Freelancer 2.

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Azulgar: Star Commanders Features Key:

  • C2P2 controller and support – Support for C2P2: color-wheel and joysticks
  • Smart sensor – Use smart helmet in action
  • 2 approach scan – Pet Detection for each side
  • GPS for each mission – Alert the coordinates
  • High resolution – 3 GP, 0.6 GP, 1.2 GP
  • Basic, intermediate, and advanced missions – Support all equipment
  • MediaFire: 6.9 KB – 30 Days!