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Life is never the same after making your first Summer Camp trip.
You’ve just learned of a new trend in this quiet beach town called Fairy Camp. You gather up your courage and decide to go on a mission to explore the hidden gems of this pastoral environment.
Siren’s Call is a visual novel designed to take you on a 5+ hour journey during which you’ll finally be able to settle down as a mature adult.
Siren’s Call tries to capture as much of the magic of your childhood summers as possible
including the sights, sounds, and characters you remember from them.
Additional Notes:
The biggest complaint I received regarding Siren’s Call was that it didn’t really feel like it captured the summer vacation of my youth.
After playing through the game for a few days, I’d come to a similar conclusion.
To that, I’d like to explain that I had to go into Siren’s Call with a completely blank slate of prior knowledge regarding the town.
You’ll meet a lot of characters during your time at Siren’s Call.
In fact, more than half the characters you’ll get to know in the game were people you’d only met at this resort during your Summer Camp trip.
Sure, you may have seen these characters at the grocery store, but that’s not the same as knowing their names, speaking to them, and getting to know them.
My hope is that if you had to start Siren’s Call from scratch, after playing through the game once, you’d understand why it’s a bit more difficult to capture the magic of Summer Camp.
If you’re up for playing through a bit more of the story, make sure to pick up the Gamepad settings.
It’s a lot easier for players to experience all the character intros and animations in the game with a Gamepad.
Just in case you need to check the weird stuff out.
You’ve been warned.
Be sure to follow The Pocket Protectors on Twitter at @ThePocketProtectors and @LilyxJorge.
They’re both fantastic musicians and a lot of fun to follow.
You’ve been warned, in advance.
Don’t forget to visit LilyxJorge’s Facebook Page as well!
You have 5 days left in Siren’s Call.


Features Key:

  • The campaign mode for epic battles in HUGE maps.

Campaign Gameplay

The whole game is set on space vehicles of various different classes and powers. Each has a unique upgrade and improvement system, while the example of splitters and fighters is back!

The ships have 5 meters of transport, while fighters transport one units. I also added a tracker for each of the ships themselves to make it easier to return to their owners to get killed by the enemy.

  • The huge campaign maps on which you will fight in epic battles.
  • Destination points where the waves are spawning – the last of which will stop the wave before reaching the island.
  • Different game modes – squad matches and rankings are available.



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Do you like challenges? You will find a new training system at the end of each chapter, with different objectives that will help you improve your skills!SINGULAR CHARACTER CHOICE:
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Various game modes will be available from the start of the game. Players will be able to test their skills in ‘Exhibition’, ‘Quadratic Ranking’ and ‘Knockout Ranking’.EXHIBITION MODE:
You can use your skill to move up and down in the ranking by scoring high!QUADRATIC RANKING MODE:
Select a character from the beginning of the game to play. The character you select will also be your character from then on. The ranking will