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Download Signalyst Hqplayer Full 13

Although HQPlayer is inexpensive, I found that its performance was erratic and I couldnt get it to reliably run at 768khz resampling until I switched to the ASIO4ALL driver. Though Im sure its faster, I found that the Windows performance control panel (which has a fairly good driver model on Windows 7) wasnt overly helpful here. With ASIO4ALL I have no problems starting playback within seconds.

This is not a new release, but it is the first time I have actually reviewed it. HQPlayer of course contains the TTScaler, which has been reviewed many times. However, I have never used HQPlayer as I have no need for the streaming features. So I had very little to compare HQPlayer to.

There is a lot to unpack and a lot of value in this review. Unfortunately, it has been my experience that HQPlayer has the least to add to the Chord set of DACs because they effectively limit upscaling to PCM input and the TT Scaler is optimized for that. For those with ESS ES9038PRO or AKM AK4490 chipset-based DACs or R-2-R ladder Dacs (Holo Audio or Denafrips) using HQPlayer to upsample to DSD256 or DSD512 seems to offer a greater level of improvement than is possible using it to upsample PCM for Chord. That then begs the question: Is there a HQPlayer/DSD512 non Chord DAC combo that sounds as good or better tban the TTScaler/Dave combination at a similar price

HQPlayer Desktop and HQPlayer Embedded 3.13.3 released.
Improves reliability on DAC reconnect and hot-plug cases when used together with latest networkaudiod. Simplifies CD reading algorithm for better compatibility with certain drives. Also contains other small fixes.
Version log:

when i ran the test, i only had one source playing the same material. i think there is more to hqplayer than just upsampling when it comes to how it handles mixing and there are some issues with the settings. i need to figure out what settings to use. i think the software has some untapped potential. if you want to check out the settings, here is a link to the hqplayer manual. i have no problems with hqplayer. i’m sure it will be very good for some people. it wasnt the solution i wanted though. i just played my flac files through the matrix x-sabre dac and pcm to dsd dac (es9038pro) and my mixes sounded perfect. i wasnt experiencing any pops or cracks. i was fine with the sound. when i switched to playing hqplayer output through the ddc i had more pops and crackles and i didnt hear as much of the individual instruments. i suppose its a matter of personal preference. but i am not going back to hqplayer. it will stay as just another dsd dac. the matrix x-sabre dac and its pcm to dsd output is the only one i plan to keep. one thing i have noticed, is that the crackles/pops seem to go away as the volume goes up. i think the es9038pro chip, which im not using, will not be able to handle full volume output, and will not be able to maintain high output levels without crackles/pops. i downloaded the client for my ipad and it works great. when i play it on my ipad it sounds great. when i play it on my macbook pro with the rendu to the ipad it sounds great. its just when i try to put it on my rendu with the rendu to the rendu it sounds like something is wrong. all i have to do is go back to sonicorbiter and that sounds perfect. i can put it on the rendu and it sound great. it just sounds like hqplayer is to heavy-handed and compressed. i wonder if it has to do with the rendu itself since its only 7.1 but if the rendu is to compressed, then its no wonder that hqplayer sounds compressed. 5ec8ef588b