Driver USB Link Cable Techmade

if you plan to connect to a monitor with your computer, then use a hub. there are a few hubs that will support the connection of 2 or more monitors. thats convenient because youll only need one cable and you can use it with multiple monitors.

add to this your cable length and you have the typical pc problem of having to plug your mouse, keyboard and headset into different usb ports. this makes things difficult for anyone who needs to use a shared pc for other things; such as printing, or other business use. the g25 will be 3.4″ long. you will need to find a power outlet next to the computer if you want to use your mouse and keyboard. you will need a hub if you want to connect to your headset.

sitting there waiting for you to come around to plugging it in is a usb-c extension cable. this is just a longer version of the one that comes with the hub. you will need a usb-c to usb 3.0 adapter and a usb-c to usb-a hub.

its plug and play, just plug it in, turn it on and it works. there is no software to install, plug and play. perfect for the parent who is tired of having to show their pc techsupport how to use their mouse, keyboard and headset. they just plug in the cable and all is well.

there is a usb extension cable with the hub, which is your typical 4.8″ plug and play extension. you can use it to connect your mouse, keyboard and headset, but you need to use the usb-c port. the usb extension cable will connect your headset and mouse to the hub and the usb-c port.

to troubleshoot audio issues, youll have to start by investigating any drivers that may be causing the problem.

if you have already updated your drivers, restart your computer to ensure that the update has taken effect.

if you have not updated your drivers, you can follow the steps in the troubleshooter below to download and install the latest drivers. once you do this, restart your computer to ensure that the update has taken effect.

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