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edison, in 1939, is one of the first portable music players to play records, using a stylus to detect the grooves of the phonograph record and a series of stylus detectors to determine when to play a needle to the turntable.
today, there’s little point in having a record player when you can play any song on your iphone or ipad. and there’s certainly no need to have a record player when you’ve got a digital recording studio in your pocket.
these days, there are many web apps out there that let you create or edit your own music. but they all share the same fundamental problem: they’re not designed for the way you listen to music. music has a certain cadence that, when perfect, lulls us into a kind of trance.
when you listen to music, it doesn’t always matter if the sound comes from someone singing, or if it’s an instrumental track. but when you listen to a song, it’s inescapable that it comes from a person: someone singing or someone playing a musical instrument.
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