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Elden Ring Free Download is an action RPG with a deep story set on a fantasy world of a different world. The story takes place inside a world of myths where the Elder

Elden and Elwyn, the Vassal Kingdom, and the Lands Between co-exist. The Elden Kingdom is fighting for peace with the Elwyn Kingdom, but things have

got complicated with a mysterious group emerging called Zethia. A member of the Elden Kingdom, Silhouette, came to the lands Between and revived the

dead Elwyn kingdom. In addition, she also requests assistance from the Elden Kingdom on the side of Zethia. The story of Elden Ring Torrent Download is about their

quest to oppose Zethia, a strong organization with sinister goals.

Your main character is a member of the Elden Lord’s army. To go down the adventure with those of your choice, you have to grow, learn and use

items to increase your health and strength. Depending on your character’s attribute, you can obtain certain items or upgrade your attributes to

discover new dungeons. And the most important part is: there is no predetermined story progression. Your story and character will develop

together with the unique online play.


BOSS FIGHTING is the style of combat action RPG. Each boss has unique skills and attacks. Team up with other players to overcome the battles.

Dangers await when fighting bosses and raid bosses, respectively, in the game. Combat isn’t a one-on-one battle; you will have to ally with the

player you’re fighting against.


Family friendly means that the game does not contain mature content such as sex, violence or drugs. It also does not contain items that the

publisher will find objectionable.


– One card system where three cards are used to create a customized deck.

– Attack play in the same style as with other action RPGs.

– Fight with the support of teammates.

– Combat that includes teamwork and cooperation.

– Customize your own character from the body and weapons.

– Fight with other guilds online.

– Open world RPG with many dungeons with varied special areas.

– Online play that allows you to feel the presence of others.


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Character Customization. Over 100 + Unique & Amazing Weapons and armor
  • A Vast World. Explore a Huge, open World with Dynamic Climbing up, that will keep you enthralled for the entire time.
  • A Visceral online Gameplay. Feel each moment of the battle and enjoy the story as a Drama of Epic Music.
  • A deeply immersive and multi-layered Story. With many different characters to experience and countless scenarios, paths to your heart.
  • A Social gameplay. Get engaged in the deeper social aspects including joining training sessions and sharing tips with your friends in your game world.
  • A Switchblade gameplay. A pin-point attack, a variety of stunning combos and an easy to use arsenal with fun weapons, that are ready to bring pain to your enemies.
  • In-Game Item Management and Crafting. Craft potions and armor based on your Heart and sweat to get the weapons and armor you want.
  • Players can Unlock exclusive gear as they level up. Using Crated Gear, they can find great new equipments and bind them with the Anacondia of Merciless results in various effects.

    Crest of Chaos is a fantasy game that you can play in both offline mode as well as online with friends and other players.



    Release: –

    Genre: –

    System requirements


    600 MHz PowerPC-compatible CPU

    1255 MB hard disk space


    440 MHz PowerPC-compatible CPU


    Elden Ring Full Version X64 (Final 2022)

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    Elden Ring Crack + For PC

    • Focus: Fight Your Way through the dungeons
    To be the best, learn the strength of the enemy and the weakness of the monsters.
    • Resolve: Fend off the monsters’ attacks
    You have to rely on your own skills to be ready for sudden attacks.
    • Efficiency: Craft the best weapons
    You’ll need to know the best weapon in order to win the battle!
    ● Defeat the monsters: Dominate the fields and dungeons
    You can connect and play the game with others anytime and anywhere.
    ● Regional server: Search the fields and dungeons
    You can use your regional server to connect with other users to travel together in the fields and dungeons.
    * Experience a Fantasy with an Epic Drama
    ● Support of various languages
    The game is available in English, Japanese, and Korean as well as Chinese and Simplified Chinese.
    * The Choose your Own Adventure Game
    ● Create your own Adventure: Get your sword from My Study and take your own path
    Get your sword from My Study and choose the different paths.
    ● Create your own Adventure: Play as another hero in your own world.
    Choose different hero when you fight.
    ● Your own Adventure: Play with Friends
    Support your friends during the adventure.
    ● A New Story Shaped by Players’ Stories
    ● The Game once Ended is Continuously Created
    The ending of the game is permanently revised as the story changes.
    Replay the ending you left from the beginning of the game!
    * Experience the Fantasy that is Tarnished in the Real World
    * Inseparable your Fantasy Fantasy Action RPG ELDEN RING Game
    ◆ [Link Update]
    ●Link Update 10/1 (Fri) at 9AM KST:
    New items, artworks, and effects have been added to the game.
    ● Link Update 9/30 (Wed) at 9AM KST:
    Ability to purchase items using real money has been added.
    Key system:
    Key System will work similar to the system of Figments of Reality in Rune Factory 4.
    ・ You can equip items in your Inventory.
    – You can equip up to six types of items in your Inventory.
    – You can equip the same type of items multiple times.
    – To use the six types of items, you can use a “Key” to equip.
    – You can have a maximum of


    What’s new:

    5Dice includes a large arsenal of dice and other tools that all have beautiful designs and can be used to create various types of fun gameplay.
    • Dice collection game
    5Dice is an RPG in which you collect dice with your favorite characters, and then combine them to perform various operations, allowing you to create your own dice shape.
    Moreover, when you share your own dice collection with others through YouTube, you can earn a special item such as a rare key, magic materials, or an exclusive design.
    In addition to dice selection, you can create your own dice shape using dice and tools such as a fabric cutter, and print out or draw your own dice.
    Beyond a collection game, each of the included dice comes equipped with a cutout that shows the character that it came from.
    [color=”#4d71bc”]The Infinity Cappuccino
    The Infinity Cappuccino was designed in collaboration with Seung-Taek Suni.
    The Infinity Cappuccino is a coffee cup that reflects the surrounding world and is able to cause drinks when used.
    The reflection type has open and closed functions, and can be displayed in a variety of colors depending on what color you select, allowing you to create a variety of different effects.
    In addition, the charging function lets you charge the cup’s water when full, so you can continuously enjoy your favorite coffee.
    * Product content and specifications may differ from the device as upgrades and improvements are made.
    • System requirements
    iOS 8.0 or later / Android 4.0.3 or later
    ◆ STORY ●
    The Elden Ring are masters of Balros who govern a land of conflict between two countries of Humans and Elves.
    Using the power of the Elden Ring to wage war and rule the Land of Dreams, the Elden can wield four elemental “Ring-Elements”—Anima, Animus, Carpe, and Umbra.
    Connecting to these elemental forces, the Lord of the Elden Ring is able to detect the presence of the Ring-Elements, and summon them to his side.
    When these forces come together, the Lord of the Elden Ring is able to create incredible destructive power in the form of Breath of Fire, a the rarest and most dangerous of all Ring-Elemental attacks.
    • Game Features


    Download Elden Ring [Latest] 2022

    Extract on a folder ELDEN RING.
    Run setup.exe to install game.
    Change the directory to ELDEN RING directory.
    Now just Copy crack and paste it on the game.
    Now you play ELDEN RING!!!

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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • download the crack file from the link below and extract the patch files
  • run the patch.exe program in this location
  • wait until the program is done and click on “show notification icon”, to open the patch
  • when the update is done click on “run”, to activate it
  • finish the process
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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    800MHz processor or greater
    1.8GB of RAM
    1.8GB of VRAM
    4GB of available disk space
    DirectX 9 compatible GPU
    2GB of RAM
    2GB of VRAM
    Dual-core processor or better
    640×360 (Low)
    640×360 (Medium)
    640×360 (