Elden Ring is an action RPG adventure game, where you will experience a saga full of stories and experiences that are rich in myth. You will be able to create your character with customized appearance and customization items, and develop your own unique play style.
• Create your own adventure
You are the hero of this epic drama. You are free to forge your own story, adventure, and destiny.
• Epic and rich experience
Become a hero and explore a vast world that’s full of exciting experiences.
• A fascinating story
A multilayered story that’s told in fragments.
• Online play that’s rich in fantasy
You will become friends and journey with other players in asynchronous online play.
• A vivid world
A vivid world that is full of fantasy, rich in history, and visually appealing.The Chicago Police Department has updated their officer-involved shooting response manual, and one change is that deputy officers are no longer classified as uniformed officers. Instead, the new standards call for “procedures designed to limit the potential for injury of civilians and officers in officer-involved and officer-initiated contact.”

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The new section on Tasers states that they are “limited force” and that law enforcement officers should not generally use them when “legitimate arrest options are available,” but adds:

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This is a whole different avenue that law enforcement has taken


Features Key:

  • A Vast World with an Entirely new Unique Style

    • A vast world with many fields and dungeons surrounding mountains, forests, farms, and seas. A vast Open World enables you to freely investigate what is around you.
    • Unique Battle System Where Combat is Taken to the Next Level
      Like real life games, your character will be able to perform a variety of active movements and martial arts moves, as well as execute special attacks.
    • Unleash your Attack Bonus Up to three times by combining the elements of your armor, weapons, and magic, resulting in a combat system that is different from other RPGs where you only attack once with your selected weapon.
      Ensure victory against your enemies to progress while fulfilling the demands of the fantasy, such as defeating your opponents using a variety of weapon attacks or magic.
    • Discover, Collect, and Boost
      Use the special abilities and items scattered across the open world, and find the help that you need to battle. As you make progress, the volume of materials increases, creating a more advantageous role in battle for your character.
    • Immerse yourself in the Mythic Fantasy Setting
      Take an adventure through the Lands Between, where you forge your own destiny while engaging in a historic process to awaken your clan and attain Elden Lordship in order to discover your own roots, evoke the mysteries of your past, and explore your own fate.
  • Deep System that Combines the Sword with Shooting
    A shooting system whose combat characteristics have been heightened with sword combat skills
    A whipping action that can be used in combat to enjoy attacks with a real cinematic feeling. The normal attack is easy to use, and it is possible to enjoy the surge of great power that accompanies the attacks of the various weapon types, which are demonstrated with a variety of motions in action scenes. Perform an action with a sword or whip and rattle off skills in rapid succession.
  • Characters that Breathe Life to the World
    A collection of living characters with distinct personalities and unique histories that take active involvement in their stories to keep the Lands Between in a state of flux.
    Characters take an active role in cultivating new friendships through the sharing of heartfelt letters.
  • An Unrivaled Soundtrack
    Unparalleled action encompassing the atmosphere of fantasy, employing


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    “A Vast World Full of Excitement”

    An RPG with high intensity and an amazing gameplay

    “Create Your Own Character”

    Develop your own relationship with the key NPCs and gain new weapons/class

    “An Epic Drama Born from a Myth”

    A review of the RPG saga, narrated by the voice actors

    “Unique Online Play that Loosely Connects You to Others”

    In this RPG, more than your character, the online world will be your new home…

    ▲ Guided by grace


    The Lands Between

    The Elden Ring and the charm of the Lands Between

    The character’s personality, the combat system, the strategic map, the history and the large cast of characters from the RPG Saga.

    But let’s start with the basics, first time players.

    ▼ You Will Rise

    Choose from various characters in the Lands Between.

    You are the first in your family to have a higher education.

    You’ve always been a bit introverted and become a little close to others since childhood.

    A character you don’t know is appearing in the village, will you go check it out?

    You’ve heard the name “Elden Ring” before, but do you really know what it is?

    ▼ Your Bonds With Others Will Be Tarnished

    The Lands Between hold a history of various wars and contentions.

    The Boundless Lands, the realms of the Spirits, the Abyss…

    The history of the Lands Between is part of the story of the Elden Ring.

    The concept of people, spirits, life, death and rebirth…

    This is the world of the Lands Between.

    In this world of the Lands Between, you’ll meet many new characters, meet new friends, and choose your destiny.

    ▼ The Bonds Will Be Tarnished

    Elden Ring is an action RPG with many characters to meet.

    Defeat the enemies that appear in your way.

    Use the hard skills and the companionship from other characters.

    And as you grow stronger, your bonds with others will be tarnished.

    ▼ The Conflict Will Be Drawn Out

    The Elden Ring is a long-running RPG


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    ●additional weapons, monsters, items,

    ●equip a team of up to 4 characters

    ●Story mode available



    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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    Cheat Codes

    1. Press ‘+’ on the keyboard.
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    Region Codes

    1. Set this to USA/CANADA.
    2. Set this to WHATEVER.
    3. Go to File > Edit Map > Load Region Code.
    4. Set this to the region code you want to use.

    Elder Dungeon Map

    NOTE: Press y to enter Elder Dungeon Map.
    You can use this map to teleport to the Elder Dungeon!

    Elden Dungeon Map

    NOTE: Press n to enter Elden Dungeon Map.
    You can use this map to teleport to the Elden Dungeon!

    Ultimate Monster List

    1. Enter Ultimate Monster List.
    2. Choose a creature from the list.
    3. Press Select.
    4. You can see the information on the selected creature.

    Stinger Request

    1. Enter Stinger Request.
    2. Enter the nickname of the person you want to ask for a Stinger.
    3. Make sure you are online and press Search.
    4. You can search for Stinger Requests.

    Sticker Request

    1. Enter Sticker Request.
    2. Enter the nickname of the person you want to request a Sticker from.
    3. Make sure you are online and press Search.
    4. You can search for Sticker Requests.

    Phone Call

    1. Enter Phone Call.
    2. Enter the nickname of the person you want to call.
    3. Press OK on the phone.
    4. You can call and speak to that person.

    Charity Phone Call

    1. Enter Charity Call.
    2. Enter the name of the charity you want to call.
    3. Press OK on the phone.
    4. You can call and speak to that charity.

    Friend Request

    1. Enter Friend Request.
    2. Enter the nickname of the person you want to add.
    3. Make sure you are online and press Search.
    4. You can search for Friend Requests.



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