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Developed by REALIZE Co. Ltd.

Published by NIS America Inc.

© 2014 Elden Ring Cracked Accounts GAME All Rights Reserved.

© ET&SF CORPORATION. All Rights Reserved.

© 2014, REALIZE Co. Ltd., ET&SF CORPORATION. All Rights Reserved.

© 2013, REALIZE Co. Ltd., NIS America Inc.

※The game was released for the PC in August 2014.


This version of the game will be playable only on the Japanese version of the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system.



PlayStation®4 system

PS4® Camera

Sony Entertainment Network

※The game was released for the PC in August 2014.

Thank you for reading this and I’m looking forward to you try this game.

Please let me know if you have any suggestion or feedback.

Thank you.

Please send me feedback if you want me to make the game again in the future.



Features Key:

  • A State of Awakened Reality
  • A Phenomenal World
  • A Dynamic Battle System
  • Unique Characters
  • The Music of Elden
  • A Weighty Story
  • A Surprising Structure
  • TRICKY DOUBT OF FUN AND FEAR OF UNCERTAINTY In addition to all the action you expect, we have added unique elements to make the game more interesting in a variety of ways, such as unique systems and character development!

    The difficulty of the task lies in yourself. The “Hands-on” system is a familiar RPG – a system where the player performs predetermined tasks on his/her own to receive rewards. This familiar system, in line with our requirements, we have made a more complex system so your wish becomes reality. You can freely create a group of skilled people to help you. By using “Hands-on”, many unexpected and original statuses will occur, making the system of the game become even more exciting.

    The new story system is implemented as you progress through the game. Many events take place between the chapters. In this system, after the pre-planned event, we designed another alternative story. In the course of story events, you decide the course of events.

    You can select your own narrative path and experience an unexpected story. The new story system rewards you for it by changing the elements around you and having the story change…

    There is a unique online element in this game. In addition to your connection with other players, you can form a party with your friends, where you can switch in and out of other players’ characters. You can also take on epic battles with other players in the world.

    The Lands Between has a variety of characters from fantasy genres including knights, magicians, and warriors. The development team developed multi-layered interactive systems to give character development


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    “Gorgeous graphics, complete with a dynamic and highly-engaging story.”

    “Elden Ring is a top RPG title for the 3DS system.”

    “Wow… it’s like creating your own story.”

    “A timeless, unique RPG that deserves to be played and praised.”

    “Elden Ring is a beautiful and high-quality fantasy RPG for the 3DS that you should buy today.”

    “A fantasy RPG with a high sense of clarity that is full of movement and care.”

    “Immersive, engaging, and breathtaking… it’s easy to see why this is a must-have game for the 3DS.”

    “Fantasy is a genre that excels at creating an immersive story. Elden Ring is no exception.”

    “I’m looking forward to further adventures in the story.”

    “The game is hard to put down.”

    “You’re not just playing an RPG. You’re living the story.”

    “This game is a must-have for the 3DS.”

    “Elden Ring is a beautiful, well-made RPG.”

    “It’s a lot like watching a cinematic 3D anime.”

    “RPGs are slowly returning to the limelight in Japan. And Elden Ring is more like a blockbuster than a single card game.”

    “And I’m looking forward to your next move.”

    “The art and storyline are great. This game is just what the mobile 3DS needed.”

    “The story is breathtaking. I can’t wait to see more.”

    “This is an RPG that feels like an action game at times.”

    “It’s a good game, with plenty of entertainment value.”

    “A well-designed fantasy. The story is just as gripping as its predecessors.”

    “The story is surprisingly emotional.”

    “The game is refined and contains top-notch quality.”

    “This game is for the fans of


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    Tijdens een telefoongesprek met StarCraft II-aanwervend redditor Tweakers, werd uitgelegd hoe de game gameplay werkt. In het kort: uitleggen de functies van Commandas (zie deze video ook!) Die door mij uitgelegde simpelweg als “Commando’s” beschouwen is onzin. Een (nogal gemisde) woord voor de kans die (nee, niet als) eraan werden doorgegeven.

    Maakt dit niet uit, echter, dan kun je in andere woorden ook commando’s beschouwen als een spel voor de menn die zich aan bepaalde personages willen binden en de spelers die het beeld van die geschiedenis niet eens weeten en dus de oorzaak van de veronderstelling “Jezus heeft gebeld of wat dan ook”.

    Uitgelegd bij weinig detailje in video’s met een korte afwezigheid van de ondersteunende, betaalde mensen, is het daarentegen nog makkelijker om aandacht te krijgen voor de gameplay. Kijk wel eens een (schitterend) twee minuten lang verloren gameplay-video van de Commandos van het le


    What’s new:

    Now that the previous three novels have been translated into Japanese, a world drama has begun featuring a young prince among his closest servants who journey to the lands beyond. Amid the incessant tumult of Orbaen, the Land of Paradise, The Moonlit Land, and so forth, the king seeks to restore order and maintain the peace, while restoring the magic that has been lost since ancient times. The present king is the last of the line of the strong royal families. In the previous generation there was no child born whom this was not the case.

    It is time to take a step forward within this vast and beautiful world and plunge into the world of Orbaen.

    December 2016 NIS America

    I found a NIS America release that I wasn’t aware existed. The bizarre selection of pirates in magical girl anime ADVANCE, though? I’m definitely pleased with the planar of TYUYA. Boating throughout the living landscape of a big world map will allow our heroes to go about their own thing as well as perform an attack on enemies.

    Similarly, support characters and conditions can be added to the party in order to counter opposing parties, allowing for more diverse gameplay.

    I looked at every NISA title and this is going to be absolutely amazing. Can’t wait.

    KING’S SONG 3 & 4
    December 2016 NIS America

    The third and fourth post-Tales of Berseria titles are finally arriving. The last iteration of Takumi and lead Volca, the heartwarming story will


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  • WHAT’S NEW –

    – Multiple Improvements and New Features


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    System Requirements:

    Requires a Pentium III 600MHz or better.
    All game menus and features can be controlled through keyboard or joypad.
    You do not have to have an Internet connection for the game to play.
    You do not have to have a Nintendo Wii or Nintendo DS attached to your system.
    How to Play:
    Simply plug the game into your Wii and the Nintendo DS to enjoy the game.
    If you want to use your Nintendo DS as your controller, plug the adapter into the Nintendo DS and connect the Nintendo DS


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