While differentiating and differentiating from its counterparts in 2015, it brought a new perspective to Cad2Parts 3D printer and prototype modeling and set out for the production of Cad2Parts 3d printer machines. During this journey, it has always adopted the principle of making a device in the 3D printer industry with an innovative, problem-solving, easy-to-use, user-friendly and user-liberating understanding. With a team of 16 people, it produces 3d printers as much as possible in its own workshop.

It has adopted the principle of making a difference to the world market scale in every 3d printer model by blending it with a large number of young engineers, with its engineer team with more than 21 years of experience in the Rapid Modeling sector.

Also in mFACT 3d printers;

Strong Chassis
The only automatic calibration system in the world
Press and print system
Very special head change mechanism
Space heating
Head cooling with ambient air
Table size is best in class when machine dimensions are proportioned.
Affordable, more detail than the eye, and the only 3D printer you can trust.
mFACT 3D printer is a user-friendly machine with a completely closed and solid case. It is a 3d prototyping product that facilitates fast results with its flexible filament range with a wide working area of ​​200x200x200 mm.
Cad2Parts 3d printer are the biggest supporters of customers after their sales.

Being aware that the importance of after-sales services is as important as the quality of the device, it is one of the issues we care about.

It is our greatest happiness that our customers focus on their own designs instead of machine problems when using Cad2Parts 3d printer devices.

We invite you to own an mFact 3d printer, join our family and if you have joined, please share your experience with us.

Cad2Parts 3d printer are the biggest supporters of customers after their sales.