Economical, more details than visible, and the only 3D printer You can rely on Cad2Parts’s mFACT 3D printer, thanks to heat distribution and control methods, you can easily print large prints with 100% fullness rate without gaps between layers. A homogeneous heat distribution is provided by the air given from outside to inside. Ambient Temperature can rise up to 60 ° C. In this way, you can obtain high-force resistant printing by removing parts with a high filling rate in general.

The 3D printer is a user-friendly machine with a completely closed and robust case, it is a 3d printing modeling product that facilitates fast results with its flexible filament range with a wide working area of ​​200x200x200 mm. With its automatic calibration feature, it allows you to print your part without any manual or mechanical adjustment. With its 7-inch screen, you can easily control your machine and easily print. More users than other printers with mFact 3D printer replaceable nozzle cartridge system

General features

General features

Dual Extruder
Fully Automatic Calibration
Automatic Table Level measurement
Ambient Temperature Up to 60 ° C
Multi Language Support
Protective Filament Chamber
Print Storage
Large Production Volume
Layer resolution
Unique Cooling System
Removable Production Table
7 ″ Touch LCD Display
Filament Sensor
Direct Filament Driving
Durable metal chassis
Possibility of producing double colors with double material.
Soluble and removable support structure.
Paperless automatic production platform distance adjustment.
Adjustment of manual or automatic extruder X, Y and Z offset values with our calibration module (camera and graphic support).
While production is made with double materials, there is no need for block (Pillar) accumulation immediately after head change.
Thanks to the external cooling system, there is a more homogeneous temperature control inside.

Technicial Specifications

Technicial Specifications

Size 526 * 476 * 416 mm (20.7 * 18.7 * 16.4 inches)
Weight 40 kg
Body Type Metal Body
Print Production Volume 200 * 200 * 195 mm (7.87 * 7.87 * 7.68 inches)
Printer Technology Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Write Head Dual Extruder Write Head
Layer Resolution 50 micron – 400 micron
Assembly Type Ready Assembly
Nozzle Temperature 150 – 275 ° C
Nozzle Diameter 0.4 mm
Nozzle Warm Up Time <2 Minutes
Production Table Heated Detachable Glass Plate
Table Temperature
15-120 ° C
Table Warm Up Time <5 Minutes
Production Speed ​​<25.4 mm³ / s
Production Table Height Automatic Production Table Adjustment
Extruder offset values ​​can be measured manually or with automatic cameras.
XYZ offset for Auto Dual Extruder with Calibration Camera
XYZ Resolution 6.5 * 6.5 * 2.3 micron
Model Storage up to 2 GB
Supported Languages ​​English, Turkish
Filament System Open Filament System
Supported Filaments ABS, PLA, HIPS, PVA
Filament Diameter1.75 mm
You ask
Infrared Filament Sensor
pFACT is the program that converts your 3D model into a format that mFACT can understand.
Supported Software pFACT
Operating Systems Windows, Mac and Linux
Supported File Type STL and gcode
File Transfer USB Port, Wi-Fi and LAN

Cad2Parts mFACT 3D Printer Technical and General Features

Dual Extruder

Wi-Fi and LAN

Easy Removal Plate

Auto Calibration

mFact Software

Touch Screen LCD

Automatic Bed Leveling

Printing Storage

Filament Sensors

Multi Meterials

200*200*200 mm

Screensaver Lock

Enviro nment Temp.

50-400 micron

Direct Drive

Multi Languae

Save Change

Metal Rigid Frame