Fuyu no Tsuma is kind of Japanese mahjong, also known as shogi. But in a
japanese mahjong game the emphasis is on the luck, you have to deal with your
cards while watching and listening to your opponent move his pieces.
If he play well in a middle level, it may become hard for you.
Later some times it will become impossible for you to win because your
opponents smart moves.
In Fuyu no Tsuma you’ll find 20 different girls. Every time you play a game,
you must play it with all of the girls. You can play only two games at a time.
You can play a game with a girl which is idle in
the art room at the moment.
Play with all the girls. You’re the Shogi master!
To play the game, you have to use the hand buttons, icons at the left side of
the screen and use the mouse to move the pieces.
At the top left there are the different play modes, you can play with all the
players together which is great for play with friends or have a multiplayer
However the game has two modes, the easy and medium modes. The easy mode
is suitable for a beginners and the medium mode is suitable for a
beginners and for a good player.
At each game you’ll have between 4 to 6 players. The combination of all the
players will determine who will play the game with whom and in which
game mode you’ll play.
You’ll find a art room with one of the girls which is idle in the game. The
girl can be changed each time you play a game.
The girls are in a beautiful room with with 3 different levels of lights, in
that room you’ll be able to see the girls, their outfits, their hair and their
face (out of the three levels the girl in the preview has the best image quality).
And in that room there are between 4 to 6 girls available for play.
We wish you an exciting mahjong game, and we hope you’ll like our game.
After you’ve played the game, send us some reviews or please give us your

The reviews from the previous releases have been great, but we’re trying to
make another great game.
So you have been testing the game and maybe you’re ready to write a review.
If you want to write a review, please read and follow


Fuyu No Tsuma Features Key:

  • 6 levels
  • Rapid Fire


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1)And now, the first topic…
2)I know,I know, but I couldn’t believe it.The developer does not accept your suggestions anymore.
And if the developer can see how important is every idea and suggestion, it has to be fixed right away.

I actually had an idea for something new, but not one that would be beneficial for others, but it was actually really good for me. I wanted to take a picture of the waiter’s arms and legs from the first game and make them part of a story. But the rules that I had put in place to keep me from being distracted were preventing me from doing so.

And that’s why.

I didn’t want to bother the developers because they’re busy. I sent the picture as an email attachment and I got a reply pretty quickly. I got to know that the picture was wrong because there would be the waiter’s arms and legs and the girls from the background.

I’m really hoping that they can give me the chance to execute that idea.

I think they can be incorporated into a story, even if it’s a separate one. I know I would love to see it.

But I never want to bother the developers with inane suggestions, some of which are even beneficial for the players.

I was frustrated with the developers on that. However, they are in a hurry, but I can understand why they can’t do it.

I would send someone a question that I would be interested in answering, but it would not be something that I would consider a priority to them.

It’s just that they don’t respond to suggestions.



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