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the free version of onis is a starter package, aimed at non-professionals and students, just to get them used to the software. it has advanced features like mpr and mip. it can export images and in addition, it can export annotations to excel sheets, which is useful for researchers. however, the free version is limited to a database of 15 patients, and image calibration is not possible.

dicom is a standard in the medical imaging world. this ensures that the images can be shared between different modalities, with other researchers, and with clinicians. most dicom files are color, so they are usually displayed on a monitor or a projector. some software is able to display dicom images on a tablet.

nova is a cloud-based service that uses the cloud-computing technology to process, retrieve, and store large amounts of data. it provides an online platform to conduct research or complete projects involving image-based analyses. the user needs an account with nova to create a project that can be shared with others. nova is a free service provided by md anderson cancer center. the service cannot be accessed from personal devices. the support service includes technical assistance and project management.

oncology ris (radiology information system) is a software that integrates with pacs to give users a uniform experience across a wide variety of imaging modalities. it allows sharing of images, access to radiological reports and other patient data. the software is developed by the university of rochester. it is designed to work with dicom format.

viewing is a common feature in modern pacs systems. images can be viewed online, printed or saved for offline viewing. images can be presented in several ways including a grid view, a list view or a thumbnail view.

imagej is one of the most popular tools for image processing, including measurements of patient data. it is free for both windows and mac users. it is a 2d application, but its plugin architecture allows for integration with other 3d programs.
scanimage is a free tool for windows users. it has a strong user interface and is one of the best free imaging tools that you can download. the application works as a plug-in to microsoft office programs such as word, excel, and powerpoint.
pacs is a medical application that stores all the image data generated from a clinical setting. it can be used to display a patient’s scans, and it can be used to upload images from other imaging modalities such as mri. pacs allows users to compare images of the same patient at different points in time, and they can also view all the images of a particular patient at once.
image viewer is another free tool for windows that allows users to view and process a patient’s images. it is a plug-in for microsoft office programs. the application also allows for measurements to be made on images, as well as printing of images.
it is one of the best free tools that can be used for measuring images. the application is available for both windows and mac users. it has powerful measurement tools for comparing images of the same patient at different points in time.
although this tool is a free plug-in for microsoft office that allows users to view images, it is not designed for radiologists. it is a tool for viewing images of patients and is best used for reviewing images. it is compatible with most imaging modalities, including ct, mr, and pet.