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The standard full-set includes the 9 iron, pitching wedge and pitching wedge for golfers with a handicap from 10 to 18. The 7 iron is available in 3 loft options and 5 models come with a free grip.

The Red and Platinum irons are part of a family of Titleist golf clubs known as the 914 models. They are considered the most popular and forgiving of the brands new range of blade designs and the concept was to apply the technology from the original 914, designed by Tom Weiskopf, to a new set of blades based around short irons.

Graphene is a carbon-based form of plastic, and when combined with titanium, it gives a blade a feeling that is very light and fast. As weve covered in our club review, a regular set typically includes 7 wedges and 5 irons, with grip versions available for most. The blades can be oversize or undersized. Generally speaking, they are in the 230g range and are generally called full-size.

MLD is a combination of multiple layers of thin graphite plates, and this is the standard coating that is used on most irons. The weighting properties of an MLD-coated blade add a degree of stability at impact. The Pro V1 shaft is made from a unique blend of organic and non-toxic polymers, that provides a lightweight combination of strength and fatigue resistance.

ML & CC, stand for multiple layer and corected center of gravity. Multiple concentric layers of carbon fibre are wrapped around the clubhead, acting as a ‘second skin’ that adds additional stability at impact to the clubhead. The Pro V1, Pro V1 18, Pro V1 18 Long, and Z Post irons have a CG that is positioned closer to the centre, contributing to a lower centre of gravity.

Globally curved iron designs are sometimes known as a Game Improvement or universal shape. These shapes were originally designed for putters and are now being converted into irons and hybrids by companies such as The Rock Golf Company and the DGR Golf Company. An example of a globally curved iron is the Head Titleist P1 Hybrid, which has been designed for distance and precision alike.
Traditional short irons are designed to deliver maximum distance and accuracy as they are played from the toe of the club. The larger faces are placed directly above the center of the clubhead to allow more contact area to transfer. With a higher center of gravity, the more aerodynamic profile of the larger face is decreased and the clubhead will turn over easier. An offset is to be expected on all iron types, even game-improvement
Players with a large sweet spot and well-played shots tend to reduce their iron swing path. Through using our patented technology, we create irons that reduce the swing path of iron players by using a unique profile, a higher center of gravity and a convex sole to create a greater sweet spot.
Predicted to be the weakest of the Metrowest set, the G625 is the heaviest and tiniest of the mid handicap irons. Our test pro said these are his favorite turf woods, with the head engineering in the X series of NX-series hybrids.
Thanks to our consistent test pro and his launch monitor data, we can show how whole families of irons stack up. You can read how we test,here. Weve also given each model a forgiveness rating and a handicap guide to spell out simply which players should be considering each model, and, more importantly, why. Find out more about the ratings,here.