Kermit is a handy, simple, easy to use application specially designed to offer you a front-end for the OptimFROG lossless audio compressor.







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This application is a front-end for the OptimFROG lossless audio compressor.
Kermit Features:
* Quick and easy to use interface
* Helps save lots of your time
* Quick CPU usage
* With Kermit, OptimFROG will be not only your friendly,
but your friend as well.
Visit Online Kermit – Optifrog website:
OptimFROG Kermit Online FAQ:
* Does the application work with other compressors?
* No, the application requires OptimFROG.
* Does the application support multiple compressors?
* Yes, simply add more inputs.
Kermit Audio Compression Example:
You can compress any audio source with Kermit:
* Audio (wav, mp3, ogg, gnutella, and many others)
* Video (avi, mpeg, etc.)
* Audio books, cd, radio, et.c.
* Games (J2me, MIDP 2.0, and others)
* Vocal recording/CD production
* Training (learning and teaching)
* etc.
Kermit Limitations:
* Kermit gives a really good deal of compression, but in
some cases it may distort certain parts, which will surely
deteriorate the quality of the audio track.
* You should first cut your audio track with OptimFROG
before using Kermit, if you really want to optimize the
track for good quality.
* Sometimes, Kermit won’t provide the perfect output
quality, sometimes, just sometimes.
* Kermit doesn’t give an exact fixed compression ratio,
just a general one, just to be on the safe side.
* Kermit gives a real-time compression only. So, keep in
mind that if you want something more or less,
Kermit will help you only with the basics.
* Kermit does not have a special feature for
optimization, so sometimes the output may not be
really good
* Kermit can not output multicast stream, but can
send one-to-one.
* Kermit’s feature is lossy compression, not lossless,
but in some cases it may help you.
How To Install Kermit:
* Simply follow the provided installation instructions.
* How to install MultiMedia (MM) Kermit: Download “MMKermit

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– 64-bit software supporting all operating systems – Linux, MacOS, Windows.
– 32 and 64bit version supported.
– Very intuitive and easy to use GUI for an audio software.
– Fully compatible with OptimFROG 3.0.2
– No installation or activation required.
– Fully optimized for fast PC
– No configuration of environment variables required.
– No pre-compiled DLLs required.
– Support for all optimized presets, custom presets and recorded loops in the OptimFROG format.
– Supports sample rate conversion from 44.1kHz and 48kHz to 32, 24, 20, 16 and 11.2kHz sampling rates.
– Full audio support.
– Supports any type of audio files: Ogg, MP3, WAV, AIF, RealMedia, Audio CD, Flac, Vorbis, AAC, AC3, AIFF, AU, AUP, MIDI.
– Supports direct configuration of the output file format and bitrate.
– Export of rendered audio file in any of the supported formats: WAV, MP3, Ogg, RealMedia and Audio CD.
– Very high quality compression using Batch versions of LZH, LZMA (lzma), FASTA (FastAlign), PPMd (PPMd), LAME (LAME – LZX).
– Supports installation/update of new versions of OptimFROG from the OptimFROG forum.
– SoundSuite for unlimited loopsQ:

Unicode character reordering via Maven

When running Maven over a file with special Unicode characters (e.g. “Ä”, U+00FC, Ö, U+00D6), the special characters are destroyed (see Output 2). This behavior is different to other editors (e.g. ST3) where they work as expected. I suspect that the problem is related to Maven and that there are ways to solve it.

Maven 3.1.1
IDEA 13.1.4

Here is some example code. I use \uXXXX Unicode notation to define special Unicode characters.
mvn compile

[INFO] — maven-compiler-plugin:3.1:compile (default-compile) @ test-client —
[INFO] Changes detected – recompiling


The home of audio effects and tools for audio processing,Flawless Audio offers a wide range of useful tools and plugins to help people add polish to their music or to improve the sound quality of their audio productions.
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Kritam helps you to write and compose music. It allows you to create charts and sequences for 99 instruments. Each one has it’s own keyboard model, notation, meters and other features. You can use Kritam in these modes: Offline mode, Play mode and Easy mode. With your first keyboard you can practice your writing and composition skills.

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Kritisax is an online (web based) version of the native software called KRISTA.
Kritisax is a web based application that allows you to store and retrieve your multitrack recordings with the native features of the KRISTA native multitrack software.
Kritisax Features:

All of the features of Kritiax are available at one place without the need to download the native Kritiax software to your computer.
All of the tabs in Kritiasax are similar to Kritiax.
The only difference is that Kritisax contains two more tabs: one is dedicated for the Audio Visualizer and the second is dedicated for the Project Manager.

A very advanced audio effects application, available on the web, with no need to download it to your computer, you can have all the effect plug-ins installed on your desktop, and with only one click, you can add or remove each effect just like that, without having to unzip each plugins.

“Krissmedia for Mac is a family of software products built for audio professionals that provides the tools you need to manage, process and communicate audio.

The applications are available for Mac OS

What’s New In?

Drive your media player with this powerful lossless audio compressor which can be used from your web site as well as from your media player. It’s the best choice for professional websites.

Kermit Setup

The software is divided into two parts – the easy to use front-end, the Kermit compressor module, and the settings module that controls your settings.


Kermit provides a very easy way for you to use the OptimFROG compression module, all settings, and all algorithms.

The front-end is packed with all features you need for a professional website:

The compressor

You can enable and disable the Kermit compressor completely, or selectively enable and disable only some of the available settings (2 algorithms) and compression curves (5 curve types)

An output control allows you to control the volume level of the compressed sound.

A volume level display allows you to see the actual levels of the uncompressed and compressed sound

A peak detector allows you to adjust the processed volume level.

A compressor algorithm selector allows you to select one of the available algorithms.

You can select or unselect the unitalization option, or any of the possible options

You can set the overall volume level of the compressor (11 slider levels or 3 PGA modes)

A dual audio line input allows you to record the external source while processing the audio signal from inside your media player.

A dual audio output lets you connect to your media player or to monitor your output with the audio level of the sound being processed

Toggle CD/DVD Audio track button control the CD/DVD audio track level

Media player pre-amp

It also provides a simple and easy to use Media player pre-amp which is supported by many of the most popular media players including but not limited to Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, DVD players, and other media players.

It provides you with the following features and functions:

Adjustments to the input sound volume level and the input sound stereo balance

Adjustments to the output sound volume level and the output sound stereo balance

Select and apply mode(s) of the compressor:

Loudness Compression

Peak Limiter

Peak Limiter with Volume Peaking

Peak-Limiter, Volume Ramp

Peak Limiter, Volume Ramp, Auto-Leveling


System Requirements:

– PC Version with FXAA
– NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX / ATI Radeon HD 4870
– CPU: Intel Core i5-750, AMD Phenom II X2
– RAM: 2 GB
– Hard Drive: 30 GB
– Resolution: 1024×768, 800×600
– DirectX: Version 9.0c
– Network Adapter: Broadband connection
System Requirements:
– NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285, ATI Radeon HD 4870
– CPU: Intel