Led Matrix Control Software Download

The Madrix matrix panel has a software interface. Therefore it can operate a wide range of formats. Simply link the Madrix user interface to your DMX-bus, then link the panel to one of the available fixtures. Your Madrix matrix panel will immediately operate like any other existing DMX system.

A full matrix control software is included in the package. You can modify your own Matrix layout. Either a new one as well as a series of Matrix layouts can be created for a variety of purposes. So you can create all sorts of complex setups and settings. Best of all, you can use your own device profiles, as well as MADRIX profiles. Imagine the range of control possibilities. With the Madrix software, your matrix panel becomes a true controller of lighting. You choose how much control you want. It’s up to you. What is possible with Madrix 5, nothing is impossible.

madrix5_sdk_1.5.2_linux_x86.zip: contains the native SDK for the Linux platform, the latest version of this SDK is 1.5.2, and it will soon become too old to support a significant number of components in the future, this is the exact version for the Madrix 5 software download

Linux: contains the SDK for the Linux platform, the SDK was downloaded from the website (http://www.xbmc.org/download/madrix5_sdk.zip), in order to be installed, the following files are extracted:

madrix5_sdk_1.5.2_win32.zip: contains the native SDK for the Windows platform, this SDK was downloaded from the website (http://www.xbmc.org/download/madrix5_sdk.zip), in order to be installed, the following files are extracted:

with 6 matrix control screens, a live preview, a built-in auto-configure function, and the new oled screen, madrix 5 is more than a programmable led matrix: it’s a true video effects platform. whether you’re creating a show for the stage, performing for the screen, lighting for the window, or lighting for the dance floor, madrix 5 gives you all the tools you need to express yourself creatively.
madrix 5 can perform all the tasks of a standalone controller. use madrix 5 to build a multi-channel video show, including a control console with the ability to switch between images in the same channel. or, use madrix 5 to build a simple led light show, a song id, auto-playback and visual effects, or a full video mixer. from madrix 5, you can build your own led video effects production and lighting solutions at the speed of light. you have the tools you need to create inspiring shows right from your computer.
with madrix 5, you can do it all: capture your video demos on your computer, mix and match effects to create unique custom visuals, and speed up your job with real-time previews while designing effects. you can perform live on stage and load your own effects right from madrix 5. madrix 5 has so many new features, controls, and integration tools that it is worth the investment to take it to the next level in your studio or home studio. whether it’s a video show for a stage or a lighting show for a window, madrix 5 gives you all the tools you need to express yourself creatively.
madrix 5 also supports full synchronization with aja kontrol x3 control surfaces, including the mx series controllers, the gl2 series for the dancer8, the gl3 for the dancer8, the js series, the cx9 series, and the v6. thanks to the included hub, you can easily connect madrix 5 with numerous products on the market. madrix 5 will power the same effect as a full blown studio production using a sound mixer, a control surface, and a video source. you can use madrix 5 as a video effects solution in combination with a stage, or as an led lighting solution on a mobile show.