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Why is the CSS animation not working?

I am trying to show / hide the elements inside a div using the CSS3 animation:
.animation {
animation-name: mymove;
animation-duration: 3s;
animation-fill-mode: both;
animation-timing-function: linear;
@keyframes mymove {
0% {
opacity: 0;
100% {
opacity: 1;



This is what I want to be displayed:

This is what I get on the screen:

I have been trying to find out what I am doing wrong but I could not. Could anyone help me please?


You are using the name mymove, which will limit the animation to the element you are applying it to.
You need to use the name animation, without a dot:
animation: mymove 3s linear;


simplifying exponential function

Is there any process to simplify this:
\exp(x-y)^{\frac{1}{z}}= \exp(y+\frac{x}{z})
I want to transform it into one or two different forms.
Any ideas?


For your first question, if $a, b, c$ are real numbers, then
\exp(a+b) = \exp(a)\exp(b)
so if $a=x-y$, $b = y$ and $c = \frac{1}{z}$, then
\exp\left(x-y+\frac{1}{z}\right) = \exp(y+\frac{x}{z}).

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