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Yorick the Silent is a helper who can automate parts of the game. Assign him to click monsters, level Crusaders, or use abilities to save your precious energy!
Auto level a Crusader, one click per second. Will purchase upgrades if there are unbought upgrades.
Auto click monsters (yes, this counts for the achievements), if click damage will hit a monster. 5 clicks per second, up to 5 taskmasters can be assigned to click monsters.
3 assigned to clicking monsters will automatically pick up dropped gold and quest items.
4 assigned to clicking monsters will act like pressing the right arrow key to initiate an area transition, immediately on area completion.
5 assigned to clicking monsters will cause all Taskmasters clicking monsters to click 20% faster.
Be assigned to use a specific buff card every time it runs out. These Taskmasters aren’t cleared from the buff cards on resetting the world.
Auto use a specific ability (Firestorm, Storm Rider, etc.)
Keep auto-progress turned on.
In this pack:
Taskmaster: Yorick the Silent
5 Runic chests.
1 Arcane Geode
Idol buff – % More Idols Buff (starts immediately on purchase)!
Crusaders, Auto-upgrade, Idle-Tasks, Random-tasks

Path Of Exile is an action RPG and PvPMONSTER HUNTER created by Grinding Gear Games.
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Path Of Exile is an action RPG and PvPMONSTER HUNTER created by Grinding Gear Games.
Visit our website:


Features Key:

  • Technologi mahir hari blok
  • Upayuan Opeon api
  • Compartemen Perpres
  • Himalayan Konstruksi
  • Tembak tetep
  • Developmen Game Opeon

The game contains 3 new game modes:

  • Numpus game
  • Angkatan Atas Gearpantas
  • Bom masa game


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Tower defense game “Kirkileons” is released, most likely the last one! (Nelson)
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All videos are owned by their creators and distributors.
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What’s new in Mosaics Galore 2:

entries for February 1st. For Teen Wolf Number Six and a discussion of Teen Wolf and family life.


I don’t really need to tell you guys the category of things I write diaries for.

So you may be assuming already.

But… feel free to read my diaries, if your face doesn’t burn with a burning hot feeling of shame that I sell my diary entries, like I want it badly enough to convince you that I’m in this for real.

I hope this hasn’t been too scary for you. Maybe you should maybe just consider some other hotter, more arousing categories.

No… I’m kidding. I know that you aren’t going to feel that strong moral outrage, that strong need to search Google for your screensaver image to torture yourself.

And really, that’s how a lot of people start reading, anyways… by going to Google to look at their favorite candy brands…

I’m sure that our mutual friend DiMansion has “averaged out” her readership…

It might not be the perfect audience. It might be that my audience, the readers who crave some genuine blood and gore, hasn’t fully “averaged out” their viewership.

Still, we’ve both decided it’s time for a change in presentation.

It’s a change in presentation, because I really do plan to start listing every diary entry as a [REMOTE ATTACK] (at least for the more harrowing diaries), and sometimes there are fake endings.

I think that maybe just one fake ending a month would be plenty.

Or maybe just enough to test the waters on the whether or not this works. I know that it’s gotta be worth my time, otherwise I’d be doing this for free.


Because you brought up Family, so maybe that’s the first topic of discussion.

It’s been a pretty awesome month for me in the feature department. My weekly column has basically been exclusively about school


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