Developed by Brutal Games and published by Noble Republic Games, Digital Death Episode is an exciting 2.5D bullet hell game featuring a new, original soundtrack. As the lone survivor of the main planet, you must descend into the bowels of the earth, conquer its secrets, and restore them to the surface. Help the remaining Earthlings escape the infinite hell dimension!
Key Features:
– Engage the power of “The Corruption” – Earn “Sins of the Earth”, then open up the cosmic gates which you must enter to receive “The Gifts of Earth”, culminating in the ultimate power: “The Corruption”.
– Great Mode-Switch – Enter a new dimension with each play-through, with a new enemy and story each time.
– High-Quality Music – A brand new soundtrack with plenty of ear candy!
– Gorgeous Analogue Graphics and Sound – Play on a classic 16-bit Mega Drive.
– Retro Mode – A modern touch to the classic 2D retro game.
– Variable Game Speed – A custom game speed control to suit your playing style!
– World Tour – Play the game on any connected Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or PC!
– Helpful Tutorial – Link your Xbox One to your TV or input your gaming console to your TV via HDMI.
How to play Digital Death Episode on Xbox One:
1. Install Digital Death Episode using your Xbox Live account or a download code.
2. Connect your Xbox One to a TV or another TV via HDMI.
3. Press the Xbox button and the Kinect sensor.
4. In your TV menu, find “Digital Death Episode” (it may be “Xbox Digital Death Episode” or “Xbox Digital Death: Episode (Value between 2-3)”).
5. Select “Xbox Digital Death Episode” and press “Start” to play.
About Brutal Games:
Brutal Games was founded in 2014 by James and Daniel Pinnington, two brothers from Chesterfield. They had previously founded Singing Dragon Productions, a team of audio engineers with extensive experience in professional game audio. They have an extensive online portfolio of soundtracks for some of the most acclaimed games of the last few years, including Hellblade, Dragon Quest XI, Divinity: Original Sin II, Samurai Warriors: Chronicles and The Witcher 3.Heterosexual and homosexual women’s sexual relationships: similarities and differences.


Mr. Maze Features Key:

  • A new level of difficulty(24) included in the pack to push your skills to new boundaries
  • 9 Original objects to make you challenge the player by challenging the objects in the game
  • Music that you can add to the game to make it unique and personal


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Mr. Maze Free For PC

Mr. Maze is a third person action adventure game. You play the role of Qux, an Earth astronaut who came to an alien planet. On the planet, you can find the Nox Factory, which is a leading technology producing company. You have to go into the Nox Factory and find a mysterious object in a room, to be the key to solve the conspiracy in the company.
But after your entry into the company, you find it’s overrun by zombies, an ant army. The zombies are attacking the employees and destroying every resource. One day, your base is attacked by the Nox General, but you need to defend your base and counterattack the Nox General, and prepare for the unexpected zombies attack. Some of the Nox employees have sent two young girls to help you enter the Nox Factory. The girls have all kinds of weapons and powerful vehicles. To survive, you need to use these weapons and vehicles to defeat the zombies.
Game “The Eye of God” Gameplay:
The Eye of God is a puzzle game. Gameplay:
It has a simple yet challenging concept: You’re in the place of a special agent who is supposed to arrest a villain, but you are actually in the place of the villain! The game features 6 different characters, each with various weapons. Using these characters in various ways, you need to take down all the enemies one after another, and reach the final target without losing your nerve and achieving the target!
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The game “The Eye of God” has six characters for you to choose from, and each of them has their own weapons and fighting patterns. The ways to play and fight are very different, so you need to pay attention to the information you need to pay attention to in order to fight safely and achieve victory!
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Game “Nuriko” Gameplay:
The endless runner action game is coming soon. It’s a beautiful and adventurous adventure game. It is set in a beautiful island. The island is not crowded and the sun is shining in the ocean. You are a cat who lives


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    System Requirements For Mr. Maze:

    Windows Vista or higher
    Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
    Pixel C:
    Intel Atom x3xx, x5xx, x7xx series
    Intel Atom x3xx, x5xx, x7xx series NVIDIA Tegra 4
    Intel Atom x3xx, x5xx, x7xx series NVIDIA Tegra 4 GPU (Support PC graphics mode)
    Intel Atom x3xx, x5xx, x7xx series NVIDIA Tegra 4 GPU (Support PC graphics mode) Dual Core/Quad Core processor


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