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With our shop plug & play system, you can get rid of the expensive hand assembly, fast response times and no downtime. If you are interested in a specific configuration, we can quickly allocate and send your machine to the SOS-Elektronik in Wasserburg. The project members are onsite, and can be directly available to you. You can also already be certain that your machine is in the best possible condition and can be used as soon as possible. The machine arrives back in Wasserburg, where the construction team rebuilds the machine to your specifications. The next job is to paint and assemble the new parts. You can now immediately put your old machine back to work.

Version 3. NUMROTOplus Retrofit at SOS-Elektronik in Wasserburg or in a partner facility.

If possible you can send your machine to SOS-Elektronik in Wasserburg or to one of the international partners. At these facilities the machine can be further disassembled, cleaned, sandblasted and will get a new paint coat. Together with the general overhaul from version 1 your machine will not only look like new the machine is better than new! New or even better, because a machine what is 10-15 years old, and will be disassembled and rebuilt. With your original cast iron base.

New or Even Better, because a machine that is 10-15 years old, will be disassembled and rebuilt completely. If necessary the new rails will be scraped in and all parts are todays precision and reliability. This makes the machine better than the new original.

The version 2 of numberroto has been beta-tested and now the company is releasing this new software version and the new upgrade to the customers. The new version will allow the user to have real time collaboration with their customers in the development process of grinding and polishing. Customers can have a direct interface with the NUMROTO package to generate files and send them to the toolmakers in Germany to commence grinding of the tool.

numroto supports automatic grinding parameters: the program of the workpiece, the workpiece transport, the feed and the cutter speed. the automatic calculation of the cutting depths and diameters of the workpiece is based on the nc program. in addition, the process of the grinding process can be observed in the 3d simulation. all relevant machine components can be displayed; optionally, a collision check is possible. extensive and precise probing cycles for tool and grinding wheel are offered. the job control option controls fully automatic operation with all available automation systems.
numroto software enables an easy and fast configuration of the machine in the robot without the need for additional programming. this simplifies the connection of a cutting machine and opens up a wide range of possibilities for the optimal machining of workpieces.
numroto 3.8 represents the latest development on the software development cycle for numroto, which is based on the num flexium+ cnc system. numroto is the world’s most versatile open-source cnc tool grinding software, and has been designed to optimize grinding operations by analyzing the part program and then automatically calculating and generating tool paths and tooling parameters. numroto is used by all major cnc tool grinding machine manufacturers, and is available in 32 languages.
the full range of star’s machine tools has been designed specifically for high-speed machining of round and flat parts, with an array of cutting tools and tool geometries. the nxt tool and cutter grinder has an innovative cutting edge geometry consisting of a linear, helical, or involute spiral, which can be defined by the user, and which can be cut by a tool with a conical or a spherical cutting end. the cutting edge can be defined as a line or as a surface; it can also be used to cut curves, and the precise cutting parameters can be modified using the cnc system. if the cutting geometry is also defined as a surface, the software allows the user to find the surface profile corresponding to the cutting edge and the cutter geometry, by means of an interpolation process, and to use this profile to cut the part.