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5 principles of multimedia – ranjan parekh madhura publishers new delhi published by madhura publishers new delhi, india printed and published at madhura publishers, new delhi 2013, 992 page(s), first edition, paperback. principles of multimedia by ranjan parekh pdf free download 41. principles of multimedia second edition ranjan parekh tata mcgraw hill education priate limited new delhi mcgraw-hill of ces new delhi new york st louis san francisco auckland bogot caracas kuala lumpur lisbon london madrid mexico city milan montreal san juan santiago singapore sydney tokyo toronto published by mcgraw-hill education priate limited publication edited by ranjan parekh 964 pp. isbn 978-047103568x $64.95 pdf principles of multimedia by ranjan parekh pdf free download 41 free

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1 fundamental concepts and principles of graphics: introduces and discusses the concepts and principles of graphics. it is written for undergraduate and postgraduate students of computer science, graphics, multimedia, and data science. it includes an introductory chapter with a study guide, which introduces and discusses the concepts and principles of graphics, and is followed by a chapter on matlab, which is the main programming language used in the book. the book covers important concepts like transformation, projection, surface generation, parametric representation, curve fitting, interpolation, vector representation, and texture mapping, all of which can be used in a wide variety of educational and research fields. the book discusses a large number of graphical problems, which can be used in various educational and research fields.
principles of video and image processing, fourth edition. edited by harold g. craighead, paul r. debevec, martin levoy. this book provides an introduction to fundamental concepts and methods used in the analysis, manipulation, and display of video and images. the book presents a rigorous treatment of the mathematical and computational foundations of image and video processing, including the fundamental concepts of light, vision, geometry, and image acquisition. it covers a wide range of topics, including the basic concepts of video and image processing, edge detection, geometric transformations, video compression, image scaling, and image display. the book provides a detailed discussion of important topics, and it covers recent developments in image and video processing, including color space conversion, image and video databases, multichannel image and video processing, frame sequences, image enhancement, and video-based multimedia applications. the book’s two-color illustrations and its many figures will be useful to readers interested in learning about image and video processing.