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Release: TBA
Platforms: PC
Available Languages: English, French, Russian
Rated: *Unrated*
Developer: Testersky Inc.
Publisher: Testersky Inc.
Genre: Simulation, Adventure
Welcome to Speaking Simulator, an experimental game of misanthropic fiction. About a year into a future of rampant consumerism and xenophobic isolation, a man making an ironic reference to time-release drugs as he lives out his retirement drugged, arrives at an industrial outpost where no one else is left. He soon finds out that the only people around are artificial intelligences, and that the only way to interact with them is via a device called the Speaking Simulator.
The game begins when you get a notification on this device that says “Come pick up your Talking Simulator!”. You can then walk around the wasteland, discovering strange digital artifacts and interacting with the remaining people.
This is a very ambitious project, with a lot of ideas at play here, hopefully giving you the best 60-70 hours of entertainment you’ve ever had.
I, for one, would love to be able to hire them to work as my personal butlers.





Rag Doll Kung Fu Features Key:

  • A Very Long Time Ago In a Land Far, Far Away
  • Crysis Media Album
  • Updated artwork and a custom soundtrack edit.


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Rag Doll Kung Fu Activation Code is a graphical point-and-click puzzle game developed by Monster Games. Inspired by puzzlers from Dreamcast classics, like Puzznic,
Dragoneer’s Quest and Montezuma’s Revenge, the game features a brand-new puzzle design and an extremely intuitive point-and-click interface. Players can “zoom” into the game, viewing every detail on screen while using the mouse to select, manipulate and slide objects in order to help a ragdoll detective solve his cases.
Rag Doll Kung Fu Free Download:
A classic point-and-click puzzle solving experience, enhanced with an intuitive physics-based interface.
Features Rag Doll Kung Fu
A brand-new physics-based puzzle solving experience
Intuitive interface and controls
A beautiful, ragdoll-style world
Over 40 brain-teasing puzzles
A variety of mysterious objects
Beautiful, stylized graphics
Original soundtrack by Nox Arcana
The game can be easily downloaded for free. After the free download, you can purchase the full version for an additional $3.99. The game is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
Game Requirements
Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
512MB of RAM
2.8 GHz Pentium III or better processor
DirectX 9.0-compatible video card with a minimum of 128MB of video memory
Microsoft Windows Media Player 10 required to hear the audio portion of the game.
The tentacles of some dreadful and unknown creature have consumed everything within the Swamp of Terror and now the land lies in a state of utter devastation. It is up to you to explore and hopefully find the only survivor of this horrific event: a ragdoll detective! Your mission: to travel the land and discover all the clues necessary to solve the mystery that has befallen you. Solving puzzles and avoiding several puzzles that will surely kill you is only half the adventure. Before you can even begin, you must beat the game to unlock the mysteries of Doctor Arcana, The Master of the Arts.Step into the Swamp of Terror
When you step into the Swamp of Terror, everything about it seems unreal. The desolate landscape of northern Wisconsin has been destroyed by something that appears to be some kind of horror. It’s up to you


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Game “Fernbus Simulator” Gameplay:

This zone is actually on a German server, and you can look at it here:
The “Real World” of the Rhine has always seemed like it’s a bit of a world of its own.
To see the towns, castles and countries that make up this zone, you can see the overview map here:

The towns and cities of this area are made up of members of the Tournoise community ( and you can look at their resources here:

World of Logistics
In this video I spend about 10 hours putting on the World of Logistics event in the World of Logistics map. I start by doing my vehicle inventory check with the PAF backhoe, and get it ready to deploy. After that, I send it to the customer and have it get build, do a pile of deliveries and pick ups, and finally close the service for the day.
This is an event that lasts 15 minutes. It should be possible to do it in 1-2 hours, but this will depend on the backlog when you get there.

On Steam:



You can also always message me here, in-game, on Discord, or on Twitter:

This zone is actually on a German server, and you can look at it here:
The “Real World” of the Rhine has always seemed like it’s a bit


What’s new in Rag Doll Kung Fu:

Rag Doll Kung Fu is a 2013 American martial arts action comedy film directed by Christopher Nolan, and written by John Gregory Dunne, Matthew Toburen, and Jonathan Aibel and union. Daeg Faerch stars in the lead role of Leonard “Rags” Linguist, a man who is sentenced to thirty years in prison for a crime he did not commit, given his superhuman martial arts skills.

Rags Linguist, after being tried for and being sentenced to 30 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, feels obliged to take his revenge against the people that framed him. He brings together his friends for a final camping trip before his imprisonment, where they reminisce on their glory days, but Rags is having second thoughts about the whole endeavor after watching a vision about his future life in prison. Arriving at the campsite, Rags discovers that his friends, Joon, Sam, and Tchak are in desperate need of his help. They manage to persuade him into revealing his “secret” that he can kick, punch, kick ass, and get breakdanced. Suddenly, the woods are invaded by Master Ed before he is killed by the gang in front of Rags. They hack him to pieces, then Rags is attacked by Master Wong who tells him, if he does not learn to master his powers, he will die in prison. He was given a metal ring that supposedly has magical powers and is his only chance to break his chains. Now, Rags has to figure out the “mantra” of the magic ring before he can acquire any magical powers and defeat Master Wong.

Once Rags retrieves the magic ring, he learns that the mantra is “bring a fist to a fist”. After Hwang, a gladiatorial boxer nicknamed the Battlestar Killer, tells Rags that is the only way to kill Master Wong, Rags manages to grab a nightstick, but is stopped by Joon. Later, Rags, now free of prison, battles a group of prison guards, defeating them one by one and claiming they are made up of a group of criminals, collectively called the Finishers, who ended up in prison for an act of murder. He rescues Sam and Tchak, both while being attacked by someone. Rags escorts them into the woods again with Master Wong’s group in pursuit. The group is defeated, but Rags uses his newly acquired magical powers and defies his captors


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System Requirements:

iPad mini 3 (2nd generation, 16GB) or later (1st generation, 32GB)
Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)
Cables and adapters:
iPad mini (2nd generation, 16GB) and later (1st generation, 32GB) to Lightning cable
Macbook (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015) and later to Magsafe 2
Macbook Air (Late 2013, Early 2014) and later to Magsafe 2
Any power source


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