Your mission: to defend the garden!
A look at the garden:
WARNING: this link will let you go inside the garden and look at it’s heartless layout!
Title: 2D Beat Em Up
Developer: 2Morrows
Platform: Windows 7
Language: English
Distribution: Freeware.
You can always find freeware at 2Morrows’ website.
Haven’t found any aliens?
Well a lot of people have been complaining that there aren’t aliens in this game.
Unfortunately I can’t change their minds and just make the aliens appear like some of you long time fans in a later version of this game.
I’m sorry if you want more Aliens in this game.
You are the guardian and there are eight stages to the Garden.
You are Bulk (a tomato in the desert) and you have to save the garden from the hate filled capitalists who want to turn it into a strip mall.
You travel around the garden and you fight off creatures with super powers.
As you play through the game you will fight off enemies with different super moves.
Every time you reach the stage’s end, the game changes to a new stage.
You start on the Garden’s level one and you progress by completing the stages.
You start on the Garden’s level one and you progress by completing the stages.
1. The Garden
2. Frozen Desert
3. Evil Orchard
4. Star Haven
5. Floating Cat House
6. Terra Bizarre
7. Mystical Tropical
8. World of Tobacco
In the Garden:
You will have to fight off enemies that inhabit the garden. They each have their own super move that you have to defeat them with.
A lot of the enemies appear in the Garden for the first time.
To defeat them you need to equip your allies with their super moves.
+ To make an ally super move appear you need to start their movie.
When playing this game as Bulk you have all of Bulk’s moves.
These are the moves that you can use:
Rest – Turns off enemies in an area for a short while.
Eject – Makes that the currently selected enemy blast off.


Features Key:

  • Online & Offline Battles
  • Real Time and Single player modes (lobby function)
  • 4 v 4 vs AI
  • Rotating team of 8 players
  • Rumble features a big rotation of 16 maps, each map will be released once every 24h
  • Leader board
  • Configurable sound settings
  • Real time stats (kills, deaths, assists and games/levels won)
  • WIP, but still improving game, dont forget to rate and rate $RoHoEn
  • Try the multiplayer feature in a time :
  • Beta Version : Website coming soon
  • See you in the Lobby // RoHoEn Rumble League!


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RoHoEn Rumble is a Beat-‘Em-Up in which you defend the Japanese Friendship Garden.
There’s a few elements of gameplay that I would like to mention.

I’m using a Nintendo Game Cube controller, Nintendo made Beat-Em-Ups using the GameCube controller and I kinda want to just reuse the code for this game and use the same controls.

You have to a few strategic approaches to defeating the Robots in this game.

Carry weapons.

There’s two weapons, Jet Stream and Bamboo Mace. Jet Stream will make it easier to navigate down the level and Bamboo Mace makes it a bit easier to knock the robots down.

Use your Geo-Mag to find power-ups.

Geo-Mags can also be used to find Sunstones which can then be turned into Gems.

Basically, use your Geo-Mag as a treasure map for finding power-ups.

When you defeat a Robot you receive ‘Gems’ which you then can turn into Sunstones.

You’ll notice some of the levels have fighting robots and some don’t.

If it doesn’t fight you just simply don’t even worry about it.

As always, if you feel like speaking, well just toss around words like ‘wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut’ and ‘aaaaaahhh’.

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— The legend begins!Deep in the heart of Downtown Phoenix Arizona exists the Japanese Friendship Garden, RoHoEn. Since 1987 it has been a staple of Phoenix and it’s culture. Something is amiss though. Greedy Capitalists have been buying up property around town with malintent and now they’ve set their sights on RoHoEn.FEATURES: Fully playable recreation of the RoHoEn Friendship Garden in Downtown Phoenix. Play as either Bulk or Slim, the Guardians of the Garden.Enjoy stellar artwork by Awacato and Very Evil Tomato.Listen to the phenomal soundtrack by Phoenix local MercuriusFM.Try out the Joystick support for players who want that classic Beat Em Up feelThis is a very short bite-size game that includes the Garden as a level.Gameplay RoHoEn Rumble:

Screenshot by Tim Stamper

~ by Tim Stamper

How to get RoHoEn Rumble on your device1. Steam2. Save the “*.sqf” files to the Saves folder of your Steam.

3. Steam will generate a new file called “random.sqf”

4. Put the “random.sqf” file in your RoHoEn Rumble folder on your Steam.

Notes: If you find the game running glitchy you can follow the above steps then go back and grab the new “random.sqf” file.

Screenshot by Tim Stamper

~ by Tim Stamper

FAQ1. How do I download RoHoEn Rumble to my PC?

2. Why is it named “Rumble” and not “RolhoEn” or “RolhoEn Rumble” or “RolhoEn Rumble Rumble”?

3. How do I start the game? I see a button with “Load Game” but it doesn’t work.

4. I save the game and the save file is gone, what do I do?

5. The game doesn’t run and I can’t do anything in the game, what should I do?

6. I can’t get it to work, what should I do?

What is RoHoEn?

RoHoEn is the Japanese Friendship Garden. From 1987 until today, it has been an eternal symbol of community pride in Phoenix. Though you may know it simply as the Japanese Garden, that’s only part of the story


What’s new:

y tydligen har börjat okodla. Jag har lämnat in en punkterbetalning, men hejdades av Annonse:

2 Vem kan döda på den här tiden?

Vem kan döda på den här tiden? Jag har egentligen inget problem med att juvelpengar går till att delta i etableringsrörelsen, fan vet jag vad jag skulle ha men hur det låter i luften kanske inte alla kan förstås.

Då kommer Annonse att fråga om jag inte därför vägrar betala. Gratulerar att du fick hit mig, men jo jag kallar det min viktigaste politiska fånge, och jag ska ju som lugnande påverkaksan tjäna pengar till Sverigedemokraterna, det lutar sannolikt åt att det är du som vill problema dig själv på de här sättet, eller hur tror du Annonsens frekventerade gränseförsvare, lyckligtvis går det att komma överens.

Och då får vi väl sitta och dänga lite, då kan ni läsa om ämnet där jag skrev en helt annan text, och sedan fått veta mer juvelpengarna ska gå till Sverigedemokraterna som nämndes tidigare.

När idag jag och min kollega, som också är avgångsvedka, längst bak i databasen och skrev att vad kallas “förtroendeskadring” är idag något som inte duggar. Idag är det en väckarklocka, det är alla vid vissa tillfäll


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How To Install and Crack RoHoEn Rumble:

System Requirements:

– Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP
– 16 GB RAM
– 800 MB GPU RAM
– A working PC in general
On this page I am going to list the minimum and maximum recommended requirements for the game.
The majority of the game runs on 80% of users’ machines with no issue at all. However, there are a few that will have trouble due to hardware issues.
For those who are having trouble due to a lack of RAM or CPU:


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