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Symantec System Recovery 2013 Serial Number Download

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Please check or update to the most recent version of the Symantec software on your computer. Symantec recommends that your Symantec software be updated at least once a month. You can check for software updates from the Help menu.

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Symantec Client Managed Mobility ( CMM ) provides a way for enterprises to help protect and manage mobility, with network and user-side controls including onboarding, fingerprinting, device isolation, and application management in all mobility activities, from device enrollment to device deletion to data at rest and in motion.

Symantec System Recovery 2013 delivers superior backup and disaster recovery for virtual servers that enable businesses to recover from downtime or disasters in minutes. With patented Restore Anyware technology, IT administrators can rapidly restore exactly what they need, when and where they need itincluding entire virtual machines as well as files, folders, and granular application objects. Unlike other technologies, Symantec System Recovery also provides cross-platform Physical-to-Virtual (P2V), Virtual-to-Virtual (V2V), and Virtual to-Physical (V2P) recoveries, making it the perfect complement to physical and virtual environments.
You can use the standard ghost driver, provided by Symantec. That will allow you to do everything the official drivers will allow with one exception: you’ll get the old color functionality in the SYMSETUP area on the left. The ones you want will be in the PRINTING control panel. You’ll also get video printing support. All in all, this driver has excellent features. By the way, if you don’t have a hardware copy of ghost, it’s available for purchase from the chipset manufacturers, as I suggested.
So let’s move back to another Symantec product, the hard disk imaging software DiskWizard. DiskWizard used to be called Concerto Ghost. It was developed by Norton, specifically to supply the functionality needed by the Microsoft Windows OS. There is a lot of overlap between the Windows OS and Norton Ghost, but not so much overlap that it allows Norton to claim rights to the functionality. Plus, since it was a Norton product, it was not in as high demand as Ghost, so Norton did not have to justify a price to customers.