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Ten Commandments Full Movie In Tamil Hd 1080p

the movie also shows us the behaviour of the dravidian movement in action in terms of misinterpreting our traditions, history and culture, and how it uses caste violence against the people, a situation that is very well documented in our tradition. our history books have a rich tradition of castes and castes were always there. we have never equated a caste with a race of humans. the way castes are discriminated against and treated in tamil nadu still has an impact on the dalits and their struggles still continue, even if that is a very small section of the population in a country of 85 crore people! we have seen how tribals have been brutally pushed down to that level in similar ways. the movie comes out with a message of continuing to fight those evils in all their manifestations and also the role of the individual who makes a difference in society.

hiranyaka saraswathi-kalva. krishna vraja ponniyinigai which translates to; the arrow that does not pierce arjuna, shall not be borne by him. this is what the gods said to arjuna, before they went into the golden city. the climax of the movie comes by hiranyaka saraswathi, the arrow that does not pierce arjuna. he rules the golden city of dwaraka. and we see the golden city, the one that shiva lives in. the same arjuna lives in. you see the earlier sequence of bala kanda with the gods lamenting about the evils of ravana (hiranyaka saraswathi/hiranyaka amman), and then the golden city takes the form of the goddess durga. the golden city, dwaraka, kashi, the golden city of rajputs. the message that kambar gives is that one should not bow to the golden city in fear of the evil but in love and follow the teachings of the goddess. as you see in veera kesari, kambar comes to the rescue of arjuna, who bows to the goddess and durga. he challenges and overcomes the evil hiranyakashiga. this also means that we should stop the divisions on caste lines. hiranyakashipu uses caste to divide the society, and we all need to unite as children of one mother, to overcome the evils of caste.

and to add insult to injury, the director chose to mess up the narasimha avatara story as well with some really bad editing and badly written dialogues that do not reflect the spirit and belief of the characters. and then there was the entire religious or the caste superiority that lingered on throughout the film (where did that idea from?).
the director has simply shown an extreme popular belief that the buddha had shown about the nature of the divine world as if it were a subservient entity with which the human may manipulate without any restraint. there is a saying in religion that acts without faith are futile and we humans have a responsibility towards the gods. perhaps the movie could have been made in the backdrop of the rahasya avatara and we would have had a religious film but that would have been against the popular understanding of the narasimha avatara.
what should have been an interesting idea and was an improvement over the script in the narasimha avatara had gone completely adrift. they show a rabbit that leads the way for the protagonist and the entire film revolves around the rabbit. god with a rolex. meanwhile, the villains (who have clearly been made to look as generic tamilians (bare the physical features of the character) were overtly religious. the main villain says that god is evil, that he has no temples and no religion and yet the movie clearly shows the protagonist turning to the god and worshiping him (acting like a well-read spiritual seeker). but one could ask if the god of people who have temples and religion would have been shown there.