Guntastic is the couch and online party brawler where up to 4 players battle in lightning fast, one-shot one-kill rounds that last only 25 seconds – after which anyone who’s still alive is forcibly eliminated.
Unlike any other brawler of its kind, Guntastic offers rich gameplay possibilities so that two matches never play the same.
Choose from a vast arsenal of weapons and powerups to wreak havoc on your foes.
Use the environment to your advantage: most levels feature dynamic elements that create spectacular ways to frag opponents!
Guntastic is a labor of love from a group of triple-A veteran game developers whose love for the 16bit coin-op games of the past and our love for playing these games led us to create Guntastic.
We’re proud to have contributed to the revival of these games (Metroidvania, Vampire Killer, Gauntlet, etc.) and hope to contribute even further with our games.


Grow Up is the heart-pounding match-three action game where you grow and maintain your fantasy beach house! Our aim is to break the boundaries of traditional match-three games, and explore new ways of merging casual mobile gameplay with heart-pounding action and unique gameplay concepts.

Needs A Little TLC, but Has Some Fun

Jul 26, 2017

Love the game idea, but it is a little lacking some depth. Can be pretty hard to get through, and the gameplay can be a little monotonous – but it is a game I will come back to again and again.

Bronze Horseman: Re-Disease is an addictive Match 3 game for mobile. Your goal is to clean up the corrupted land full of diseases by clearing four blocks. The game is a fun-filled quest with cute characters and plenty of gems!

Solve Puzzles and Match Blocks in “Bronze Horseman: Re-Disease”

The land of Elenia is once again plagued with deadly diseases, especially the malignant one from the Bronze Horseman which attacks the villagers! All they know to do is find the cure to keep their village intact.

If you are a match-3 and puzzle lover, you will find what you need in this beautifully crafted 2D puzzle game!

You’ve been hired to clean up the corrupted land of Elenia which is under the malicious Bronze Horseman’s control. In order to


Features Key:

  • 4 different battlefields to fight on
  • 18 fighters to command
  • Each fighter has their own fighting style and tactics to defeat opponents
  • Each battle is given its own style and atmosphere which the player must experiment and master to beat opponents and achieve victory.

    The game is easy to pick up and play but can be extremely challenging and exciting, presenting great fun for all age groups.

    Gameplay and Features:

    • 4 different battlefields
    • 18 fighters, each with their own fighting style and tactics
    • Real-time TV-fighting > It is the Direct Input for fighting games!
    • Unlocked by’erachievements’
    • High quality graphics, and soundtrack

    Connected Review & achievements.

    Look out for our live review on YouTube

    By digging deep into the game and looking through the reviews, we could discover the achievements on how to defeat each character.


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    Spaceforce is a science-fiction single-player sandbox RPG that focuses on tactics and player freedom.

    A shared, open-ended universe allows players to explore new worlds and colonize new locations. When Spaceforce was developed, one of the main goals was to ensure that each player has the ability to freely explore any world they wish, no matter the level, gender, class, race, weapon or armor they choose to play.

    Spaceforce takes place in a sci-fi universe inspired by the classic space opera of sci-fi media, films, and fiction. Players are able to develop their character in many ways, from their race, gender, level, armor and weapon to their skills and active and passive points.

    Spaceforce is an all-in-one, free-to-play, open universe RPG created with a shared universe in mind. By sharing new worlds and colonies through fully-featured in-game chat systems, players can explore a universe of eight distinct worlds and hundreds of locations, all with their own unique story and characters that blend the best of the past and present.


    Hand-made single-player sandbox RPG that doesn’t take itself too seriously

    Procedurally generated worlds will always be different, but players will always be able to take a route they like and see what happens

    Multiplayer gameplay via local network and online (with dedicated servers)

    Events and special celebrations will reward players with useful effects

    Sidequests and daily objectives will keep you coming back for more

    Loot drops and crafting is an important part of Spaceforce

    Spaceforce features various crafting systems, including armor and weapon crafting that will require the use of specific materials and parts to create

    Players will be able to craft items from a variety of materials, including crafting tables, which may require lesser materials or help raise the quality of the material

    Your inventory will become your inventory from the get-go, so be prepared to pack your bags

    Spaceforce uses lua scripting to utilize the vast resources available

    Spaceforce features several events that take place on a weekly or monthly basis, including seasonal events like Harvest Moon, Halloween and World Thanksgiving

    Different planets in the universe will have their own unique biomes, which are affected by season, weather, biomes, culture and occupation

    Interacting with your environment and other characters will provide unique benefits

    Spaceforce offers players three types of armour and five types of weapons to


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    Some good visual skills are needed to play this game, as the market is dense and you are expected to click all of them.

    You can buy and sell items to pay your debt.

    Buy an item (unit price) from the merchant. Units can be bought either for the sum of all of your unit cards or all of your price cards, or for 100 gold coins.

    Game parameters:-

    A click to sell an item is worth 4 and a click to buy an item is worth 2- Unit cards:- This is the currency that is used in the game and the cards represent the number of units you have bought.- Price cards:- This is the currency that is used in the game and the cards represent the cost you have to pay the merchant to buy a unit card.- The cooldown for buying a unit card is 15 days.

    The game is played in turns and you get one turn per year.


    You start with zero money. Try to avoid losing your money.

    You start in February- The first year in the game. At the end of February, the contract expires. The price of all the items you sell in the first year must be paid or they are taken. The market value is fixed and you get a 20% discount. You start with a single item card.

    Year 1: The contract expires at the end of February and the market is free to develop. You get a single unit card and have to pay 3 times the price of that card.- You can also buy a unit card for 100 gold coins. You can change the price per unit card in the shop from $2.50 to $5.00.- You can buy the inventory for 120 gold coins. However if you buy the inventory, you have to buy one unit card at $2.50 per unit card.

    Year 2: In February each year, you have the choice to renew the contract and continue playing. You can renew the contract for another year. If you renew the contract, your cost per unit card remains $2.50.- You get two units cards. If you buy the inventory for 120 gold coins, you will buy the same cards twice.- The market is free to develop. In March, the top items sold in the previous year are expiried.

    Year 3: In February, the contract expires again. The top 2 items sold in the previous year are expiried.- You get a third unit card


    What’s new in The Deed:


      Europa Universalis IV: Emperor Edition contains four new major gameplay features, which will significantly add new depth, flexibility and strategic options to your Empire. During the long journey of becoming an emperor, you will have to focus on developing your cities, your soldiers and your empire, and expanding your realm across the continent of Europa. These new rules also give you new possibilities on how you can expand and develop your empire, and also how you can lead it in combat.

      The game engine also allows us to completely revamp all the major gameplay features. Since the release of the base game, Paradox Development Studio has received a lot of feedback from the community on the major issues these features have. Our development team has worked diligently to go back and fix the main problems that the game had.

      These changes add a lot of depth and strategic options to your gameplay experience – if you want to play an empire that is as rich in possibilities, or as balanced as in the original Europa Universalis IV, this is the release for you!

      Gameplay Features

      This section gives a brief overview of the major gameplay features included in Europa Universalis IV: Emperor Edition, and follows with a more in-depth discussion of each aspect.

      Gameplay features such as climate, military, religion, trade and diplomacy will all be divided into their own new sections below.


      The demographiy rules in Europa Universalis IV were already among the most detailed and complex parts of the game. However, in this release of the game, we have gone and made the complexity, the depth and the game play more specifically in the areas of population and government. The game will make it much easier for you to control this challenging aspect of empire building.

      Provided the game scenario works this way, you will never have to frantically place a large number of troops every time into a city that is rebelling. And you will never have to rush just to keep up with your neighbours. More options you have in the online multiplayer will help you out.


      There are plenty of provinces in Europa Universalis IV. But, there are no local currencies in the game, aside from income taxes. The economy will give you tools to develop your subjects, which will then make it possible for you to once again become one of the richest Emperors on the continent. This gives an ever bigger array of possibilities to play around with…and to consider, when you are in the decision making process.


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      For people that want to learn to walk a field for fun or just to see where to walk and how to look for blind shots, bounces and other areas to work on before a real event.
      For people that want to experience a realistic simulation of a real paintball event that they can recreate on a field at their house or public location.
      For people that want to see what their competition will be doing on their layout when they run it through a real event.
      For people that want to learn how to use their muscle memory to perform breakouts, snap shots, and fast moves.
      For people that want to practice their muscle memory for fast moves and snaps, where by they can experience being in a different area of a bunker, then switch to another bunker and snap shots to continue their strategy.
      For people that want to experience a game that is easy to learn but hard to master.
      For people that want to experience a game where every shot counts to their final score, as the field can be deleted and reloaded later to try different strategies if a shot is missed, or a player moves to a new area and shoots.
      For people that want to experience the physical sensation of switching their gun from hand to hand.

      Edit: For people that want more of a challenge without losing the target in VR and the muscle memory aspect, Grit can be configured to be played in ‘adventure’ mode. In this mode, the field takes less time to build, and is built with fewer targets. This change will make the game playable in less than half an hour, which is a great time to learn from.
      For people that want a more “realistic” feel than an arcade game, but less than the tactical game that only allows the player to play for 10-20 minutes before reloading the field.
      For people that want to build their muscle memory for a game that requires reloading, and the ability to reload the field is a must have if it’s an arcade game.

      This was created by a team of 16 students from University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN). The game was built using Unreal Engine 4.20.
      For more information about the game, or to get involved in the project, see

      You can read more about the work this group of students has done here:


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      System Requirements:

      An Xbox LIVE Gold membership is required to download and play DLC, as well as for multiplayer (online only). Additional content will be available for download free of charge.
      OK, so maybe it’s not exactly what it looks like. Maybe the band, from San Francisco, is not a band at all. As the new documentary, “Sidewalk Prophets,” explains, it’s a rock band that makes noise instruments and plays acoustic shows and is the bandleader of The Noise Is My Co-Pilot. And maybe that