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The First Templar – Steam Special Edition Torrent Downloadl

new areas to explore, loads more battles to fight, and the whole experience just feels so much more than anything else at the time. whats more, the episodic format means you can start in the middle and watch the first 3 episodes and still have a full experience, so if one party doesnt work for you, you can restart at any point. but for those who crave more, there is the full release on steam, so not only will you know what youre getting into, but you also get to see as the series unfolds.

gameplanet was a forum for game boy enthusiasts. some of you may remember gameplanet. many of us helped each other out (usually by telling them where they could get cheap games) and thus we got to know each other and made some friends along the way. after my friend changed his name i had to change my username back to what it was, so i created this forum. theres no reason to keep this duplicate.

the first templar – steam special edition by media blasters is back! now more than ever, dive into the action and discover the expansion of the first templar universe, the legend of the first templar. in a journey to obtain the holy grail, you will travel through seven lands and several kingdoms, fighting the forces of the knights templar. discover a beautiful soundtrack and an epic storyline.

its been a few years since ive played any video games, much less an adventure game but i am really enjoying the first templar – steam special edition and its bringing back the old school scumm interface for me. with a fairly short story (that dives into a few self-referential gags) that only seeks to enthrall you with its wonderfully weird universe and a decent puzzle adventure, the first templar – steam special edition is a great introduction to an adventure genre that ive sorta been missing.

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