It takes a long time to see the proper posture and balance, but it becomes clearer and better when you reduce pain and stay with it. I would like to recommend this book to anyone interested in increasing the stability of their nervous system, improving the health of their joints and ligaments, and begin to recover from improper posture for the first time. This book is important and useful.

You should ask how bad your posture is. A simple measure to calculate is to \”elevate\” your head. If you raise your head so that it is above shoulder level, it would be a positive. If you lower the head below shoulder level, it is a negative. The best way to assess your posture is to get a free video diagnosis! The first video usually takes about 5 minutes.

Much has been said about problems we deal with in our day to day lives and how they affect our posture. We have people recommending all sorts of crazy remedies for ‘fixing’ posture problems and not much attention paid to the real culprit of the problems, we sit all day long, carry our phones and other heavy items on our lap or in our pockets, do some exercises where we are sitting, etc.

do I need a pressure suit. Do I need to wear my socks? How do I know if I have wacky leg kicks? I get so pissed when I see people doing weird or wacky stuff without taking a posture class because this shit can be life changing for some people. Then you have a person who posts content on there page that doenst follow the content. He says if you have a problem getting bigger then its not posture he says if you have a problem getting bigger then its not exercise. You want to take his information seriously be accountable for your shit.

The best way to take action: Work, work hard, get better and make it happen… Ask what is the next step. That is what it is all about. The following exercise, while not all new, is done for longevity, stability, strength and quality of movement, coordination of muscles and joints, and exercise of the cardiovascular system. This form is based on the exercise methodology of Naudi, and is an alternative form of the exercise known as the plank.
naudi-I am impressed your self consciousness extends that far. Funny, I have a hard time believing that post as well. I am not going to argue this man until he answers my questions. How does he speak to you, in person or on facebook, without you raising your voice or responding in any way? And most of all, why do you respond and not address the head on his cocky comments?
My name is in the comments section on this page (its me, Naudi). If you want your name as author, youll need to buy the EPUB version yourself. Go to and click on Buy eBook. Theyre selling for $4.99. Make sure you check the price if you do this. It may be worth it to make the $2.99, but if not, at least at the EPUB price, you can always check back. If you buy the EPUB at $2.99, itll cost you nothing if youre able to return it at any time in the future.
The best part of this article is when he finishes all his bullshit and then gives his opinions about CrossFit. As you may know (if youve been reading) I totally hate the term crossfit. Which is why Im a lot harder on fitness bloggers, trainers, and people that call themselves nutritionists. He said in his opening paragraph that you can pay your way into CrossFit but if your body isn’t setup to handle the stress it is a waste of time and of money. So then he immediately jumps on to CrossFit. Now since theres no point in changing my name or really doing anything to scare off people from reading this review, let me just say that if people read this article (or watch this video) and agree with everything I say about this man you need to know something. Naudi is wrong. He is dead wrong. This is not about training and Crossfit he is not saying anything that has never been said before, he is just saying it in a far more eloquent way.