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This tool is a complete replacement for the Copy and Paste built-in programs of Windows. TypeClipboard works by storing all copy/cut/paste content into one folder then drag and drop files from clipboard to the folder and TypeClipboard does the magic.

Some of the included features include:

Support clipboard content from multiple applications
Clipboard content can be controlled from a hotkey button
Content can be individually stored into multiple folders
Drag and Drop files from a clipboard to a directory

In addition, TypeClipboard is also available for Mac.

TypeClipboard Target Applications:

Windows 8.1, 8, 7, 10
macOS Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Lion

TypeClipboard Release Date:

Released on September 28, 2014


TypeClipboard (Windows)
TypeClipboard (Mac)

TypeClipboard Download Link:

You can use any copy/paste application that supports Microsoft formats

There are a lot of applications and tools you can use in order to manipulate the clipboard content from various applications, but these applications are not supported by the system.

Moreover, if you have been spending your time learning how to quickly make a copy of the content of the clipboard in order to utilize it on various applications, the application that I have referred to is most probably the one you need for the job.

The program allows you to manage your copy/paste content
The app includes a simple interface with some useful and rather necessary functions that make your life easier.

TypeClipboard Downloads:

6.5 MB

TypeClipboard (Windows)
TypeClipboard (Mac)

TypeClipboard License Type:

Proprietary, Free

TypeClipboard Official Website:

You can also use the app to add more files to the clipboard content

In addition, by clicking on “Add folder” you are allowed to add any folder including the files that you want to add to the clipboard.

TypeClipboard (Windows)
TypeClipboard (Mac)

TypeClipboard Videos

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It is free
It is open source
It is a cross-platform application
It has no visible interface
It works really well when the paste function is disabled

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Available for Linux, macOS, and Windows

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How to Install TypeClipboard in Linux

You can download the TypeClipboard program as an.apk file from the official website. Once you have the file, double-click to run the program.

When the app is launched, a nice little window will open up on your desktop. Now, it’s time to configure your Keyboard Shortcuts.

Left-click on the “TypeClipboard” icon on your desktop to open up the application. Click on “Keyboard Shortcuts” and go to the top right-hand corner to open up the configuration window.

Finally, make a shortcut for your shortcut key. Then, tap on “Add.”

TypeClipboard keyboard shortcut:

Once you have created the shortcut, it’s time to configure it. Open up the configuration window by left-clicking on the “TypeClipboard” icon on your desktop. Click on “Keyboard Shortcuts” and go to the top right-hand corner to open up the configuration window.

Now, you need to add a shortcut, with a command, and a key combination.

Add a Shortcut:

To add a shortcut, click on “Add.”

Set a name for the shortcut:

TypeClipboard keyboard shortcut:

Set the Command:

Set a name for the command:

Set the Keyboard Shortcut:

Click on “Add.”

Upon successful completion, make sure to save the settings by left-clicking on the icon on your desktop.

How to Install TypeClipboard in macOS

If you are using a Mac, it’s possible that there might be a lot of adjustments that you need to make. Thankfully, TypeClipboard macOS is designed with the consumer in mind. You can download the program by right-clicking on the “TypeClipboard” icon on your desktop.

Open up the app and go through the same process you went through with the Linux interface.

Upon completion, you are ready to go.

TypeClipboard License Key Full

A small utility designed for users who are constantly encountering issues with pasting the desired content to clipboard because they are working with multiple windows and applications simultaneously.
Enables you to put the right window in focus for pasting
In all fairness, the application is not much to look at, especially since the interface comes in the form of a small window that enables you to view a countdown from 10. On the other hand, considering the idea behind the program, the appearance is suitable, as you do not really need a flashy element to distract you when you are searching for the content to copy to clipboard.
The program can be especially useful when you are working on a code that entails you cannot employ the copy and paste functions. In this case, you can just look for the right window to put in focus and type the clipboard content.
It could use a countdown refresh function
It is necessary to mention that the application does not have any feature that allows you to restart the countdown. It would have been nice if the program included a feature or a hotkey combination that enabled you to reset the counter.
In addition, it would have been useful if the app allowed you to set the countdown depending on the project as well as the user’s skills and speed. While 10 seconds seem like an average time interval, let us not forget that it would be too little time when you have dozens of applications opened. Moreover, when you only have a handful of windows open, 10 seconds might seem like a waste of time.
A tool that can be useful when the paste function is disabled
All in all, if you are working on a project that entails disabling the copy and paste functions, but you want to be sure you can still take advantage of your clipboard, then perhaps TypeClipboard might come in handy.
Partial Update:
Added on initial release
[Changelog] Version 1.0.1
Added new configuration option Window Name (Default is [My Documents])
Added new configuration option Number of Seconds
Added new configuration option Use Main UI (Default is False)
Added new configuration option Enter in Clipboard Contents (Default is “”)
Added new configuration option Enter Text in Main Window (Default is False)
Added new configuration option Enter in 2nd Window (Default is False)
Added new configuration option Enter in 1st Window (Default is False)
Added new configuration option Use Entire Session (Default is False)
Added new configuration option Send Feedback Email (

What’s New in the?

The program sports a simple interface, just like most of the other similar apps. In the bar above, you are given 3 options: Paste clipboard from all Windows, Paste clipboard from focused window or Paste clipboard from active application.

As a test, I created a multiple document window containing text in different words from different files to see whether the app could copy the text from any of them and paste them into a reply window.
My test showed that the app was able to paste the content from any of the opened windows and I was able to copy and paste the content from different applications.

Similarly, if you are a frequent user of the content of your clipboard, you can always use this app to ensure you have a count of your content remaining on your clipboard.

As long as you are a frequent user of the content of your clipboard, the app TypeClipboard might serve the purpose of ensuring you have enough content left to paste into your desired window.
Overall, if you are a frequent user of the clipboard content, TypeClipboard is a great addition to your toolbar, but the idea of using the application is not as fun as I had hoped it would be.


Create a shortcut with the following command:

This will play the video then after that will copy paste whatever is in the clipboard.


I use it often. It works great. As well as any similar app

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