Revision is a comprehensive open source project management tool designed to support you with everything that you may need in order to manage your development projects. In particular, it is well suited for the development of Rails applications.
The difference between Revision and similar project management tools like Basecamp, Fogbugz and Asana is that Revison is designed as a plugin to an issue management tool like Bugzilla or Trac.
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You can create multiple items with all sorts of settings so you can get ready for your next international trip with ease.

Earlier today, Verizon announced a brand-new partnership with a couple of mobile gaming promoters called Pushbullet. Verizon and Pushbullet will work together to make a variety of changes to the smartphone UI on Android devices. That means everything from custom interface panels to getting notifications to other apps. The deal highlights both the power and the rapid growth of the Android gaming market.