Vray Adv 2.30.01 (64bit) For 3dsmax 20122013


Vray Adv 2.30.01 (64bit) For 3dsmax 20122013

i was using vray 2.0.3 with the older version of maya and now that i upgraded to the new version of maya (design 2009) i am unable to use the vray version 2.3 because it does not render the vray lights. i have tried reinstalling the new version of vray but it does not work.

i’m using the new version of vray 2.0.3 with maya 2008. i have had no problems with the older versions of vray. i have read that the older version of vray is not compatible with the new version of vray. do you have any suggestions for a fallback solution?

hi i’m new to max so any help is appreciated. i have been running 3dsmax for about a year and a half, but for the past 6 months i’ve been using max 2012. and the past two days i have been working on a scene for a shoot i’m doing. it took me a while to figure out how to get everything to work on my mac, but now i’m pretty happy with it. but i’m having a problem with textures. i have a bunch of textures from 3d maps that i’m trying to import into the scene. the problem is that the layers and the textures are on different layers, and when i try to import them, it just keeps telling me that the textures are missing. i’m assuming that it’s because they are on different layers. i can’t move them because there are too many objects. and i can’t merge them because they are not the same layer. and i can’t just delete them because then the whole thing won’t work. so i’m stuck. what can i do? i would really appreciate any help.

i just installed vray 2.30.01 on max 2012 and i can’t get the materials to render. i can switch the “test environment” to vray, but no matter how i set it up, the camera will render but the materials will not. the final render will show through the materials. am i missing a plug-in or something? thanks.

what is the current issue that you are facing right now? no, it’s not about v-ray for 3dsmax 2011 for x64? it’s about the v-ray for 3dsmax 2011 for x64 that you have installed on your system without knowing the right way to do that? all problems will be solved if you follow the instructions in this article. read on and find out more about how to uninstall v-ray for 3dsmax 2011 for x64!to completely uninstall the software, please read the instructions carefully. it’s not a very easy task to uninstall v-ray for 3dsmax 2011 for x64. v-ray for 3dsmax 2011 for x64 has a lot of stuff installed on your system. it also contains a lot of files in your pc. there will be a lot of data and files that you can’t delete. when you install a software, it usually creates lots of temporary files. the folder is called temp by default. it will not be a good idea to delete them. deleting them will cause some problems with your system. so, it is better to keep them as they are. in this situation, you need to follow the instructions on how to completely uninstall v-ray for 3dsmax 2011 for x64. you can also read the instructions at the bottom of this article.
where to look for the v-ray for 3dsmax 2011 for x64 that you have installed on your system? there are two ways to uninstall v-ray for 3dsmax 2011 for x64. first, the v-ray for 3dsmax 2011 for x64 can be uninstalled by using the maxscript provided by v-ray. the v-ray for 3dsmax 2011 for x64 can be uninstalled using the maxscript provided by v-ray. refer to the installation instructions for v-ray for 3dsmax 2011 for x64 to learn more about how to uninstall the software.