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WebMediaGet is a software which let you easily download audio and video content from various online sources. It have multi interface, you can download using pop up window or from

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– Quickly download your favorite videos and audio files from the internet using WebMediaGet
– Supports videos and audios media types: ASF, MPG, MP4, WAV, MP3, FLAC, OGG, AVI, WMA, WMV
– Quickly download and extract audio content from videos
– Generate thumbnails for video files
– Easily manage WebMediaGet with user friendly interface
– Use import features to easily import your own videos and audios
– Use download features to download content of your own choice
– Support multiple file downloads
– Support multiple conversions
– Supports video tags ID3 and WTV format
– Supports audio tags ID3 and WAV format

PHP Easy FAQ As of version 1.2.0, the “Read FAQ” function has been changed to “Read “Frequently Asked Questions””. Many users of PHP Easy FAQ found that there are many issues for reading FAQ.

PHP Easy Dizzy Dizzy v1.1.1 There have been some minor improvements and bug fixes.
The following problems have been resolved:
V1.1.1 Bug Fix :
If you downloaded the file from FTP service, you may have encountered a bug with the ftp-ing process. The fix is:
– Select the file on the FTP site which you want to download
– Go to Tools > Downloads > Dizzy Dizzy (v1.1.1)
– Select Files > Browse the folders on your computer
– Find the file you want to download and select the icon for the download. You can also use the FTP site’s address, the selected file will be saved to the FTP site.
– A warning message will show “File is already under download” if the file you are currently downloading is the same as the one you are trying to download (it means you have just saved the file once, and then you want to download the saved file again. You can ignore this warning message if it appears).
PHP Easy FAQ – As of version 1.1.1, the “Read FAQ” function has been changed to “Read “Frequently Asked Questions””. Many users of PHP Easy FAQ found that there are many issues for reading FAQ.
V1.1.1 Bug Fix :
If you downloaded the file from FTP service, you may have encountered a bug with the ftp-ing process. The fix is:
– Select the file on the FTP site which


WebMediaGet is a small app that enables you to quickly download movies,
audio and other files from the Internet. It does not rely on web site’s page parsing,
instead it puts monitoring component into browser’s memory and remembers all watched videos
or listened music during the session. As result, there is no need for users to do any copy /
paste operations, which sometimes can be quite confusing. Users can surf Internet as usual:
watch videos on different sites, listen to music and after that they can open WebMediaGet to
review the watched / listened content lists and decide which files they want to download.
For richer user experience WebMediaGet generates thumbnails for videos and displays ID3
tags for audio content and supports multiple downloads and/or conversion operations. In addition
to download function there is a conversion function, which can be useful if user wants to
transfer downloaded content to portable device (for example iPod).
WebMediaGet also can extract audio content from video files. Quickly download your
favorite videos and audio files from the internet using WebMediaGet.

Version 1.03 (upd. Apr-25-2004):
-Now WebMediaGet supports saving of downloaded files in its own directory –
You can add your own directory to getWebMediaGet options list.
-If the user switches into another application (or browser window) while WebMediaGet is running,
the session is saved. User can resume interrupted downloading from where he left off.
-Advanced filters to speed up processing of large sets of files
-Easier interface (check list button is now on the right of the application window)
-Several other small improvements
-Some minor bugfixes

Version 1.02 (upd. May-06-2003):
-Minor fixes

Version 1.01 (upd. May-06-2003):
-After viewing videos, WebMediaGet checks if the videos are still online.
-The downloaded video/audio file is now displayed next to the download progress bar.
-Video/Audio ID3/MP3 tags are displayed in the description area.
-If an error occurs while downloading a file, you can choose to retry the download or
delete the downloaded file.

Version 1.0 (upd. May-06-2003):
-Now WebMediaGet supports several URL protocols, that means you can download the same
files from different websites. WebMediaGet will try

What’s New in the WebMediaGet?

Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, Samsung, Acer, etc…

Very easy to use! Start watching any video and WebMediaGet will record it and it will be visible in your list. But if you stop watching at any time you will still be able to review it, and if you wish you can download it.The lives of Angela and Tim were turned upside down in one devastating night. They knew what the effects of drinking were and yet the temptation to drink the party out was too strong for them both. A family’s empty alcohol cabinet soon becomes a dangerous and growing threat that Angela and Tim must face. The New Zealand Bureau of Alcohol, Food and Tobacco Services investigates what is causing the increasing number of alcohol related deaths in the community. How do they determine who is driving under the influence, what exactly happens in the motor vehicle and what happens after the driver has got home?

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The time has come for the release of a documentary from the New Zealand Bureau of Alcohol, Food and Tobacco Services that investigates what is causing the increase in alcohol related deaths in our community. This documentary is produced for the bureau by Television New Zealand in association with South Pacific Television.

Sixty-six per cent of New Zealanders consume alcohol on a regular basis. Some alcohol drinkers experience problems with their drinking; others do not.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that for some, the desire to drink is connected to social situations, including being around other people, and drinking can be a safe way to cope with negative emotions, or to forget them for a while.

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From 2014 to 2018, 13 per cent of those with driving convictions under the Misuse of Drugs Act (five years or less)

System Requirements:

Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 R2, or later
CPU: Intel Core i3 2.0 GHz or faster
Memory: 6 GB or more
HDD: 35 GB or more
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Required Disk Space:
We recommend installing to a large external hard drive with at least 35 GB available space (less than 2 GB of that space should be taken up by your video game collection).
You’ll be downloading the entire video game