Both versions were released on .
Wii Sports Resort Wii Sports Resort (PDP-11).LUA file. (45kb)
Wii Sports Resort Wii Sports Resort (Box-Art) Disc #6.Wii Sports Resort (Box-Art).Wii Sports Resort.widescreen PAL Wii Sports Resort.iso format For Slim Devices 2 Gb/s (83 Mb/s) 5.40 MB. Wii Sports Resort.ISO Wii Sports Resort. Folder.

Wii Sports Resort (European version), Wii Sports Resort (US version), Wii Sports Resort (PAL version), Wii Sports Resort (Indian version), Wii Sports Resort (Japanese version), Wii Sports Resort (EU version), Wii Sports Resort (UK version).
3, 3 3. The US release had the same features, but with a few Japanese words rather than English. This version may have been changed for release in other regions.
Wii Sports Resort is a minigame collection for the GameCube console made by Nintendo. It was released in North America in October 2006 and in Japan and PAL regions in November 2007. The game consists of fifteen minigames including aerial combat, bowling, golf, tennis, archery, baseball, bowling, horse riding, fishing, karate, surfing, soccer, wakeboarding, skiing, and boxing. The Wii Sports Resort debuted on GameCube consoles before the release of the Wii console and was the first GameCube game Nintendo created to be released for the console.
Wii Sports Resort is available on several versions of the Wii virtual console, as well as the Wii U video game console. It is also included in the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service on the Wii and Wii U.
Download Wii Sports Resort for GameCube with wbfs.
Download Wii Sports Resort for GameCube wbfs for Nintendo Wii Wii Sports Resort (EUR/PAL)  GameCube Wii Sports Resort (US)  Europe Wii Sports Resort  UK Wii Sports Resort  Is IT Nintendo Wii Sports Resort  PS3 Wii Sports Resort  PS4 Wii Sports Resort  Nintendo Switch Wii Sports Resort 2020 Nintendo Switch XX Wii Sports Resort 2020 PS4 UK Wii Sports Resort 2020 Wii Sports Resort.iso & ISO MULTI Wii Sports Resort.4 kB.
Wii Sports Resort (PAL) CHEAT codes for GameCube.Wii Sports Resort (PAL) does not contain the Wii Sports Resort Cheat Codes. Wii Sports Resort (PAL) For GameCube.


20 Feb 2013 [Wii-Japan][PAL][Wii-native] Mario Kart Wii NTSC-U BIOS (HBC 1.0.1.)
19 Jun 2012 Game [Wii]Wii Sports Resort [PAL] [HBC-]. Region: NTSC. Game.. The Wii console is not compatible with Play-Asia’s PAL region.
According to Telltale’s website, their Wii console has a region code of PAL. This means that one will need to have a PAL Wii disc to play.
Wii-PAL Region Wii Wii Sports Resort – PAL 2,5 GB – GameCube Game Multi. Wii Activation. IPN/Multi Wii Channels.
DriveEmulator. [Wii-Game]FIFA 10[Wii-Game]Madden NFL XM. [Wii][Wii-Game]:Wii Sports Resort[Wiisports-U][Wii-Game]Region :Wii-Japan is compatible with the PAL regions.
[Wii-PAL][Wii-Region] Mario Kart Wii 2,8GB. [Wii][PAL] Wii Sports Resort. 3[Wii-PAL][PAL][Japan] 3D Avatar Social Networking Site.
View other region codes for the Wii in our Wii region codes list. By pressing the button below, you are certifying that you are at least 16 years of age in order to download the Nintendo Wii console games, demos, demos for Wii and software.
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Wii Sports Resort, Wii Sports Resort for Wii – Full download Wii download Wii Sports Resort and then Wii Sports Resort Wii Sports Resort for Wii ROM Download for Wii console.
World class entertainment with the Nintendo Wii (US: Nintendo Wii, PAL: Nintendo Wii) is a video game console released by Nintendo on November 19, 2006.
BEST DISCK. [Wii-USA]Wii Sports Resort [PAL] [Wii-US][Wii-Reg] – Full Download. Wii – PAL [Wii-PAL] Wii Sports Resort – Full Download. Wii – PAL [Wii-PAL][Wii-Reg] [Wii-USA].
Wii Sports is a video game in the Wii Sports video game series



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