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Mariners veteran Santana set to return home

8/28/12: Santana throws 6.1 innings of one-run ball in his first start of the season and takes the loss

By Greg Johns
/ |

CLEVELAND — The Mariners will welcome back Felix Hernandez from the disabled list on Tuesday night, when he makes his first start since June 30.

Hernandez hasn’t pitched in a Cactus League game since June 29, when he allowed two runs on seven hits in six innings at Oakland. He joined his injured teammates in Seattle on Monday, after manager Eric Wedge said Hernandez would have one more bullpen before he rejoins the club.

Mariners manager Eric Wedge explained that Hernandez had received a cortisone shot in his elbow, but he’s in a sound state of mind, and was eager to make his Cactus League debut.

“He’s always been in good spirits, and this one is like any other one,” Wedge said before the game. “He’s just ready to get back out there. It’s good to have him.”

Tuesday’s game is scheduled to start at 7:05 p.m. ET and will be available on MLB.TV.[Structural organization of adenylate cyclase in the epithelium of the guinea pig choroid plexus].
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How to create a new website with Django?

I’d like to create a new website in Django which I use for myself – it will contain my blog entries and a few other pages.
I’d like the site to be hosted somewhere, preferably on a free host. I don’t have much web experience so a bit of help would be appreciated.


As this is for yourself, you don’t need to use a webserver, to be clear. Just install the Django development server in your Django project, and it’s ready to go.
django-admin startproject blog

Generate a new project.
cd blog

Add an initial contents to the file.

And then put the following in it:
from import execute_from_command_line
import settings

if __name__ == ‘__main__’:

But before that point, you’d have to open your project files in the appropriate files and modify them.

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