Windows 64bit Assembly Tool Zip


In addition to the.NET instructions mentioned in the other answer, the following additional instructions are required to build x64 code in the Microsoft.SqlServer.DacFx packages:

Visual Studio 2012 and later ships with a non-public assembly that is used as part of the build process (SetupGac64.exe). It is not installed by default.
An additional non-public assembly (SetupDacFxUtil.exe) is installed when you install an instance of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express Edition.
Both of these assemblies are extracted into a folder (T:\Windows\SysWOW64\SetupDacFx.exe) which contains a 32-bit and 64-bit version of SetupDacFxUtil.exe.
This folder also contains a 64-bit DLL that is used by SetupGac64.exe and other 64-bit assemblies to build an instance of Microsoft SQL Server DacFx when you install either of the packages or unzip the DacFx installation into the T:\Windows\SysWOW64 directory.
You can use the reg query CLI tool to see if the 64-bit versions of the assemblies are installed. As example:
reg query HKLM\SYSTEM\Microsoft\VisualStudio\12.0_Config\AssemblyFiles.
This will list several assemblies (one for each of the different languages for which you can install a non-public DacFx package) as well as the SetupDacFxUtil.exe and SetupGac64.exe 64-bit dll files.
If neither of these are found, you can manually install them. You can find more information on how to build a 64-bit version of Microsoft.SqlServer.DacFx here.

Note that this only applies for the newer versions of the Microsoft SQL Server DacFx packages. For older versions, the instructions are different. You can find the instructions for older versions here.


Additional assemblies and tools required for building 64-bit binaries of DacFx are located in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\120\DAC\Binn\tools\SetupDacFx.exe

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\120\DAC\Binn\tools\DacFxUtil.exe


It supports compiling and building of assembly codes to windows executable with a single click. Features. 64-bit Compatible; 32-bit Compatible .
How to Run TASM and Compile X86 Assembly Program in Windows 7 64 Bit Version. Also, don’t forget to extract the to the same folder.
. Win64 (for use with VS2010+ on 64-bit Windows). Download the appropriate VS2010 “vsyasm” zip file above for your system, and follow the .
Using 7-Zip command-line tool; Using the Properties/Compatibility Tab. Note. 32-bit programs can run seamlessly on a Windows 64-bit Operating System using .
Operating systems covered: DOS, Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac OS X Intel based, bits. Note that these manuals are not for beginners. 1. Optimizing software .
You can extract this file into any folder on your computer. Finally, Right-click here to download a zip file containing a 64-bit Visual Studio 2017 project. You .

After that, right click on the directory you want to have your extract, and choose “Extract here”.


In the same way that we would write a command line program for a command line OS, we have to think about those things when writing assembly code. There are differences when writing 32 bit code and 64 bit code. Such as the offset size is different from 32 to 64 bit, registers are only 32 bit on 32 bit, etc. It is a lot more than just the difference of the number of bits.
One way to avoid any issues is to use command line options to give the option of what bit you want to compile as well as keep your command line simple.
Here is a little example. Lets say you want to compile a little program you made.

create a directory and name it c:\code\hello
download and extract the following

Debug (You must use vs 2017) (Also must use vs 2017)
Intel x86 Assembler 10.0 (S) (The only 32 bit assembler that
works in this case)
Include files


Then go to the command