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Windows Xp Sp3 I386 Lang Folder 18

for the xp home version, i recommend the same solution. download the subinacl.exe from microsoft. simply click on the subinacl link i provided in the article, you will then be redirected to the microsoft download link, select download, then select run, the file will be downloaded and the installation then should start, simply follow the instructions, when completed you should have the subinacl.exe installed under c:program fileswindows resource kitstools

mar 02, 2006 c:windowsservicepackfilesi386 by rotisman. copy the i386 directory from my xp cd to said directory. there is a folder in i386 called ‘sndvol32’ will. the windows-xp-sp3. i386 folder download xp sp3, microsoft office 2003 service pack 3, high definition audio driver(2k/xp/2k3) r2.71, lock folder xp 3.9. the file asms on win xp sp3 is needed during install!. and has asked for the file ‘asms’ on the windows xp professional service pack 3.

i have the xp home version sp3. for xp home users, i recommend samorodoks solution (15 sept, 09)
i use simple file sharing, as does samorodok. i follow his cues and right clicked the randomly named folder and selected sharing and security. i checked share this folder on the network. then i checked allow network users to change my files. then i deleted the entire folder (subdirectory), ignoring the warning that network users may not access the folder if you delete it.

hello all,
i’m using a windows 7 64-bit laptop, and i have a problem. i created a bootable usb stick with a custom image that is an exact copy of xp sp3. i have a cd labeled “install xp sp3”. i also have win7 installed on my hard drive. the stick is set to boot from the cd. it tries to load xp sp3, and fails. i can still boot into win7. i can boot the stick in another machine, and run the xp sp3 installer from there. if i use sysprep, it puts a clean xp sp3 on the drive, and when i reboot, it boots into xp sp3 just fine.
i tried to follow this tutorial: >but when i get to step 2, it gives me an error message. it doesn’t mention anything about booting off of a usb stick. i’m confused, and i don’t know what to do. any help would be appreciated. thanks!

Go to the computer and navigate to either the boot folder or the c: windows folder. Go to that file and copy it to your flash drive. Once you have copied it to your flash drive, go to the flash drive and drag the file to the nlite.exe file in the LNTP folder in the root of the flash drive. Hit next. It will ask you if you want to run nlite or view the log, select view the log and the nlite will install. If you get a permission error, try to right click on the file and select properties, then select the advanced tab, find the owner and select the allow permission for everyone of Everyone so you are not prompted for permission.
Once it is installed, you should be prompted to press the install button to start the install process. The process will go through and begin copying files to the flash drive that are needed to get the system running. The only exception, if you are upgrading a 32 bit OS to a 64 bit OS, is that the nlite installer will not install the Multi-language registry file. This is because nlite does not load all drivers correctly for 64 bit systems.
Also, I am not sure if this video is a new method of getting the SP2 update but I am not having any problems so far with just updating the system using the Windows Update method. I hope the next video is better.
So I figured out how to fix the MP problem and I even installed Win 7 Ultimate 64bit without any problems. The problem is the Vista Media Toolkit update. In order to get Win7 working I have to get the Win XP MUI Language Pack updates (Win7 XP media tools related) working again, in the meantime I might go back to 32bit Win XP as I dont know if the 64bit SP1 and SP2 files will work with the SRTL update. I went back to the 32bit Win XP MUI Language Pack update and tried to run it but it tells me it cant read the filesystem(?) and I cant figure out why the hell I am getting this when I just reinstalled the OS. So this is a problem for me as I cant reinstall SP1 and SP2.