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Veerendranath was born into a very poor family of Veeramasur in June 1895 in what was then the coastal Andhra region of South India, now in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. He was schooled in Hyderabad and graduated in mathematics from the prestigious Nizam’s College, Hyderabad. He obtained a degree of B.A. and then of M.A., in English. He was married to Wadi Safraz Begum in 1921. After working for a while as an interpreter in a court in Vijayawada, Yandamuri taught for a number of years in several small colleges in the city. In his spare time, he wrote a number of short stories and a number of poems, the longest being the one discussed below. In 1930, he wrote his first novel, entitled “Miss Sharadhas Dairy Farm,” published by Nizam’s College in English, and then also in Telugu. The novel is about the transformation of a school teacher, Yashoda Sharadhas, who is married and has two children, into a great and wise woman with a sense of responsibility to others, after she encounters a circus and becomes inspired to do something about the terrible exploitation going on in the world of animals. The novel won the prestigious Nizam’s College Telugu award and was published in English the following year. In 1934, the story “Kopas and Koobas” (koopa is a popular carnivorous plant in south India) was published by the Royal Asiatic Society in London. The novel takes place in the present, long after Koppa and Koobas have disappeared from the streets of Hyderabad. According to his biographer, the critics hailed the novel as a reflection of Yandamuri’s love for nature and his humanitarianism, while the readers loved it for its entertainment value. A film based on the novel was released in 1949. After 1934, he continued to work on a number of writings. He published the novel, “Amelia Polinyart,” with the prestigious Nizam’s College in 1936. “Amelia Polinyart” won the prestigious Andhra government’s Yuvastu award in Telugu, the second highest literary award in the country. He then published “Pruralu Piliche” in 1936 and “Vennello Aadapilla” in 1941. He also worked on the novel, “The Beauty and the Beast,” which was published in 1953. Between 1943 and 1944, he wrote “Savitri,” which discusses the life of a young girl in pre-independence India. After the death of his wife, who was also a writer, in 1946, he moved with his daughter to her hometown in the north of India, Delhi. He died there in 1954.

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