Fantasy Grounds is an award-winning suite of rules for running tabletop roleplaying games. A free, open-source tabletop roleplaying system, Fantasy Grounds can be used to create and play roleplaying games, whether the game of choice is Savage Worlds or a classic like Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). Fantasy Grounds includes an integrated virtual tabletop (vT) where players can interact with in-character characters and participate in combat.
About Fantasy Grounds:
Fantasy Grounds is the award-winning software by White Wolf Inc. and available on a subscription or one time-pay basis. Fantasy Grounds includes an integrated virtual tabletop (vT) for running tabletop roleplaying games with powerful character creation tools, charts, maps, books, monsters, and more.
The subscription includes a full, unlimited license to use Fantasy Grounds vT for personal use. Subscribers can also use the software for commercial use and create non-Fantasy Grounds games. A one-time payment includes a full, limited, unlimited license for use in your personal games.
Fantasy Grounds Ultimate is a full, unlimited, personal use license designed for advanced users. Ultimate unlocks all of the vT rules, character creation tools and charts, monsters, items and more. For complete details on the Ultimate license, please visit the Official FAQ:
For more information on Fantasy Grounds, visit the Fantasy Grounds website:

Please note that the final character creation screen (shown below) in the vT is designed to show only information needed to use the vT on a tablet, phone or other mobile device. It is not optimized for the screen size of a desktop computer and will not fill up your screen. For this reason, the vT interface cannot be used in a browser window.
Fantasy Grounds – Disposable Heroes: Sci-Fi Aliens (Token Pack)
Sci-Fi Token Pack:
This product is an installable module containing tokens for use with the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop. Upon activating the module, the tokens will appear in your Token box for use throughout your game. They have been organized by genre and product name to make it easy to use multiple token pack modules within your game. Tokens are scaled and organized in the following sizes for medium creatures: 32×32


Features Key:

  • Players are masterfully controlled by the narration and words of their characters.
  • Play in a sprawling and fantastical story by the mouth of your character.
  • A plethora of NPCs can be sold and purchased by your characters to accent your story.
  • From blacksmiths to bards, journeymen to minstrels, unspeakable depths to exalted heights – your life’s mission can be shaped by the choices you make.
  • Master the detail-oriented Game Master that forms a living universe.
  • Overview

    Fantasy Grounds is a Web-based tool that allows the creation and sharing of fantasy role-playing adventures, or RPGs, in a collaborative environment.

    Game creation

    This is a tool to allow a player to easily create his own fantasy world. The worlds you will create allow you to determine the societies, races, occupations and philosophy of a world, and finally determine what the stories will be for players within that world.

    Collaborative Play

    If players are unable to reach agreement on a particular life path for their characters, then Fantasy Grounds allows you to create any number of stories or adventures in which players can have their own characters experience.

    Crafting Character

    Fantasy Grounds allows players to create a character that they can use in any of the many worlds you have created with your friends. You can customize your character via a very visual tool, allowing you to choose their appearance, their statistics and assign them Skills and even Traits.

    Playciful Game

    The Character that you create will join a roleplaying adventure that is laid out in a storybook style. You set the pace of your game using these three Fate points which are held in reserve and are governed by dice rolls.


    You are a hero in a world of fantastic adventure. You face foes of extraordinary power. You face dangers of horrific scale and barbarian hordes the size of an army. You will take the blows of your opponents and the blades of your enemies, but you will grow your own scars. And with the fighting comes the realization of the cost of victory.


    With the most


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    The adventure of Wind Angel Series (in English Version)
    About the Game
    Wind Angel Challenge is a vertical scrolling flight shooting game.
    The player controls the protagonist fighter to fight the enemy in the universe.
    Players have to defeat the enemy as far as they can to protect the princess from
    the giant and dangerous enemy.
    Wind Angel Challenge is a game that can improve players’ muscles and defeat enemies by using a lot of bullet power. In addition to the action game, the player can collect diamonds and a lot of other items to use as a reward in the game.
    Players can control the game through keyboard, keyboard + mouse or gamepad.
    Players can take advantage of enhanced attack and enhanced attack speed.
    In the game, players can set up different wingmen to fight with the protagonist fighter.
    Players can also use powerful skills and materials to unlock new skills.
    Wind Angel Challenge is a game featuring old anime style in the first person shooter genre.
    Players can control the protagonist fighter to fight the enemies in the world by using the arrow keys to move and space bar or the spacebar to shoot.
    Players can aim at the enemy by pressing the up arrow key and click on the enemy to attack.
    Players can use the spacebar to activate the enhanced attack.
    Players can use the Enter key to set up different wingmen to fight with the protagonist fighter.
    Players can use the control pad to set up different wingmen to fight with the protagonist fighter.
    After the player has set the wingmen, players can use the right and left arrow keys to control the fighter.
    Players can use the Z key or the Enter key to shoot more powerful bullets.
    Players can collect diamonds in the game by fighting and damaging the enemies.
    Players can use these diamonds to strengthen different abilities.
    Players can collect pieces of armor during the game to strengthen their strength.
    Players can collect weapons that are different from the original ones.
    Players can collect guns and different weapons to use them.
    Players can collect the special materials that are required for skills.
    Players can use the medals that are collected for their skills.
    Players can use items to enhance or upgrade their skill.
    Every skill is divided into different levels, and the more levels, the better the power.
    Every skill has a specific requirement.
    Players can unlock new skills by using the medals that they


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    Check out this week’s new flavor text – it’s a new feature in 1.1.8. As you can see, it is (unsurprisingly) taken from ice cream.

    It also breaks the mechanic that caused us to break our pathing over the winter: previous events that generated natural ambushes could not be activated by players. Now, however, ambushes are generated by all natural (not including ice) terrain and now you can no longer turn them off.

    This change allows us to have natural ambushes. See this preview video (made with an older, beta version of the map):

    Oh, also, our performance systems have been overhauled and our performance completely reworked. This overhaul has (at least in theory) meant that some classes will have a slight bias in favor of some weapons and armor. You will notice this in a few minutes: you may become a T3, or you may become a T3.

    Finally, as has become par for the course, we’ve polished up some of our text. These will be noted in the patch notes, and we’ve included some in the screenshots here, below the initial patch notes post.

    As usual, please let us know what you think of the new patch in our Steam discussion forum! And thanks again for your support!

    Patch 1.1.8 Notes:

    Major Changes:

    Dark Foothold improvements

    Dark Foothold changes:

    – Natural (not ice) ambushes will now generate. This means we can have natural ambushes.

    – Natural ambushes are no longer affected by rulesets. Ambushes can now appear and disappear on their own.

    – Ambushes have been cleaned up and reworked. Ambushes now come in as specials that drop off a natural of their own.

    – The origin rules are gone. They were a terrible way to handle ambushes, and we never ended up using them. We will instead have a ruleset to track their use.

    – Ambushes are now accessible during a siege. Ambushes are always active on the field.

    – Ambushes will no longer provide double experience. Ambush experience will now be used up over time.

    – Ambush costs and ambusher starting location will now be checked every half-second of gameplay.

    – Ambush starts will now be determined at spawn, with a


    What’s new in Zombie Island: